(Video) Tory commentator defends Boris Johnson whilst wearing LFC shirt in front of Thatcher cut out

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Sophie Corcoran released a video backing Boris Johnson on Twitter whilst wearing a Liverpool shirt in front of a Margaret Thatcher cut out.

Ignoring the fact that the value system of the Conservative party is totally at odds with the issues directly affecting the working class, such as the cost of living crisis, the reality is that Liverpool Football Club – an outfit with socialist roots – is simply not compatible with Tory beliefs.

The city itself, too, is hardly welcoming of either the former Prime Minister or her party in light of the horrific impact the policy of managed decline had on Liverpool in the 1980s – and rightly so.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of @sophielouisecc:


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  1. Don’t know how old this kid is but the Tory party don’t represent the interests of the working class and never will. she needs a politics lesson. A working class Tory is worse than a toff in my opinion. As for the Maggie Thatcher cut out this kid needs to give her head a wobble.

  2. So you have Lefty politics to support Liverpool? Bullshit.
    Boris is a disgrace and got what he deserves. Fucked up completely as PM after massive election win.
    Would you rather have had Corbyn FFS?
    Imagine if the coup being attempted by unions and political agitators succeeds and we end up with being governed by Abbott, Butler, Lammy, Rayner under Sir Keita? Doesn’t bear thinking about.
    Anyway keep politics out of football.
    Don’t pretend that only Labour voters are allowed to support the footballing Reds.

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