(Image) Liverpool fan calms fears over 2022/23 season after Man Utd defeat with telling pre-season snap

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It’s an inevitable fact of life in the online world that the reactionary tend to drown out the positive voices after suffering disappointment – if a pre-season defeat could be genuinely classed as ‘disappointment’ in the first place.

Keen to remind that peculiar section of the fanbase that not all is lost long before the first ball of the 2022/23 season proper has been kicked, one Reddit user dropped an image of Liverpool’s pre-season results ahead of their title-winning campaign of 2019/20.

As can be clearly seen, results ahead of the actual term aren’t necessarily indicative of how much success will be enjoyed.

You can catch the image below, courtesy of Reddit user u/Tolstoy_:

Here’s Our 2019-20 Preseason Results For All You Anxious Annies from LiverpoolFC

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