(Video) “You can say it’s a penalty. I honestly don’t know” – Rodri reflects on the missed handball decision at Goodison Park

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Many will look back at small moments that help decide a title race and the missed handball from Rodri at Goodison Park will certainly be one of those moments.

Speaking with CBS Sport, the Manchester City man gave his surprising take on the events against Everton: “It’s part of football. Sometimes, it was in that picture, in that moment but I just move on. I don’t think much about it.

“We have a Premier League meeting where the referees come and we discussed that.

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“The problem in that game is they put the flag up so we were a bit confused – maybe he was just offside.

“Of course, now I’ve seen the image and the ball is in the part of the hand which you can say it’s a penalty.

“In that moment, I honestly don’t know. I was praying they didn’t give it because I remember it was a tough, tough game.

“Sometimes they give, sometimes they don’t – it’s like this.”

Quite how the 26-year-old can be quite so blasé about the decision is astounding, with the incident being one of the most obvious handballs that has ever been missed.

Seeing as Frank Lampard and his club were issued an apology for the lack of a penalty going there way, will probably help explain this to the Spaniard.

There were plenty of other things that also contributed to the title going to Pep Guardiola’s side but if anyone deserved an apology for Paul Tierney’s mistake, it was us.

You can watch Rodri’s thoughts on the decision via ¡Qué Golazo! on YouTube:

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  1. Sick of listening to excuses. How many decisions went against City last season? Whine, whine whine is all Liverpool do. Start winning more games and scoring more goals than City and Liverpool might, just might w3in a league title

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