(Image) Rashford’s goal attracts controversy as he appears to look offside despite VAR call

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Marcus Rashford’s lead-doubling goal for Manchester United attracted some controversy and a VAR call, which allowed the effort in question to stand after a review.

An image taken from the tie certainly shows that the call was a tight one for the technology’s operators at Stockley Park.

Whilst we can certainly see why some fans have suggested the decision was inaccurate, the reality remains that Liverpool have been far from impressive in their showing at Old Trafford with Erik ten Hag’s men the deserved leaders at the time of writing.

You can catch the image below, courtesy of Reddit user u/Reyneo:

Questionable offside call from LiverpoolFC

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  1. Clearly someone needs to go to Specsavers. If you look at the grass line, Rashford is clearly ahead of Gomez. FFWD – if that was onside then surely Elliot was onside as well. The margins are similar. Truth be told, when Oliver has refed these games LFC have never won. NO SURPRISE THERE. Fernandez was not even booked for simulation. Nuff said.

    1. fully agree . Additionally many serious fouls were ignored including the usual CR7 desperate act in trying to get a penalty. -Also no card. VA

  2. The out classing of LFC by Utd.was a blessing in disguise and an eye opener too.There is no reason.for a club like LFC to not.emulate other big.clubs.We have been anticipating LFC to replace Orig,Minamino and Mane and most importantly to sign an.energetic midfielder like Nunes all in the name of transfer policy.How can LFC solely depend on injury prone Thiago.I wise and stress if Klop was.Conte he should have not minced his.words in respect of signings requirements but Klop keeps on compromising that all is well whereas it is not.

  3. I’ve been a Manchester United supporter in the 90s and up to Mourinhos appointment. I still hope they’ll do well. But today I was astounded by how we won. Fernandes, one of many Utd squad players I’m not keen on, dived, and if he did get a yellow, then he shouldve been sent off with a second yellow for that undignified reaction to Liverpool’s goal where he held on to the ball.
    I was also shocked by the result of the VAR check – of which I’m also not a fan – for the second Utd goal. If anything, VAR seems to me to facilitate match-fixing, rather than reducing it. If the VAR guys say it’s onside, apparently it’s beyond debate. What I saw – and I’m traditionally a Manchester supporter – was that Marcus was unfortunately offside – and even the line they showed demonstrated as much. Then it’s given as a goal.
    Very odd.
    With respect, I want Manchester to beat Liverpool. But I want to do that fairly. And to me fellas, while it usually would, this doesn’t feel like much of a victory.

      1. If you are a sportsman,you should be fair,because this is where fair play comes in.I take my hat off to Don for making an honest and fair statement,which clearly means you are not a fair sportsman.If Liverpool’s player was in the same position that Rashford was,I would have made exactly the same statement that Don made.

  4. Thats a wake call for Klopp,compromising things as if there ok yet not…hw can he ship off three strikers and replace them with one striker..hw cld he refused to buy a midfielder and trust the untried and tested juniors from lower division expecting them to perform at a higher level..sometimes Klopp act like a drunkard…benching Fabinho and start Milner, Keita not even on the bench,facing a team like Man U, thats a joke

  5. They saw it was off side VAR they all have a team they favor no matter how much $ that make to do there jobs they would be in favor of the team they want win on the day

  6. What are you saying?
    What is Liverpool showing or not with an offside call or not?
    Are we to forget about offside when a team is not performing to a 5-0 expectation?

  7. True that it was a joke to start milner ahead of fabinho. Well the record speaks for itself ,starting with milnrr ,no wins. Keep it up klopp and liverpool will definitely lose the league by December

  8. The photo is taken before the ball is passed forward. Its yet to be passed. That is what makes var arbitrary, someone has taken the image where it would favour united next free it’s easily off.

  9. Arsenal fan in peace here and obviously no bias. I also agree that this was a bad call. The press talk about the green line and the benefit of the doubt drivel, but at the end of the day it is the VAR ref, that pulls the angle he reviews, and moves the line manually to get it to green. If I am wrong in that, I stand corrected. Every time I see the review angle at 15 degrees favoring the attacker, I just know it will be on-side. Every VAR review should be at 90 degrees. I feel the pain.

  10. fully agree . Additionally many serious fouls were ignored including the usual CR7 desperate act in trying to get a penalty. -Also no card. VA

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