Financial expert reveals that in ‘the past four seasons, just 2%’ of Liverpool’s revenue ‘has gone towards funding transfer activity’

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Many Liverpool fans are frustrated with Liverpool’s lack of spending and FSG’s policies when it comes to transfers but just how bad or good are their spending habits, when compared to the big six?

Football Finance expert Mo Chatra reported on our financial standings across a long Twitter thread and produced a lot of statistics and information on accusations of the club’s underspending.

There are a lot of points to mull over but Tweet does take some particular interest: ‘In simple terms, this analysis shows that of all revenue generated by Liverpool over the past four seasons, just 2% has gone towards funding transfer activity (based on a net spend of £46m)’.

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This is obviously a very low figure and, given the success that Jurgen Klopp has produced on the pitch for the club, there would be some hope that he would be able to spend more than 2% of the club’s revenue on incoming transfers for the squad.

It’s not that an owner who bankrupts themselves and bankrolls the club is our ideal type of leadership but one that is willing to invest more than this miniscule amount of club generated money, would be ideal.

We have seen that blind spending is never ideal either, with Manchester United being the greatest example of more money can sometimes cause more problems.

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For our American owners to be assessed fairly too, a lot of money is spent on player wages too and this can’t be accounted for on funds spent on incoming transfers.

Building the Main Stand, Anfield Road End and AXA Training Centre will have also consumed a lot of money as well, something which can’t be ignored.

Our owners are businessmen with a clear objective to make money and succeed on the pitch, past frugality has worked well and now may be a crossroads over whether more money is needed on players to keep advancing on the pitch.

You can view the full thread via @MoChatra on Twitter:

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  1. I find this very worrying but I noticed the lack of incoming transfers of the last few seasons compared to other clubs, it was an amazing season last season and the club must of gained substantially in respects of prize money but we also need to invest in players, this summer players out and players in liverpool have probably spent about 12 million pounds that’s not a great for a club like liverpool, my opinion is if we don’t invest in players this season will be very different to the last one.

  2. Fed up of lack of investment compared to other top 6 clubs and lesser clubs it’s now catching up will struggle to make top 4 this season FSG out

  3. Good businessmen, JK gets what he wants which is all that matters.
    Leave the transatlantic meddling to the Glazers

  4. Good ol FSG and their smoke and mirrors management .

    It’s maybe the only blessing that this injury crisis has highlighted again their misery in the transfer market

  5. I am fuck know before about fsg john williams henry shit and another he bring with him first drug and gun issue problem trouble from American to British too

  6. That was utterly incoherent and if you actually remember FSG have invested substantial amounts of money to improve everything that makes LFC a football CLUB not just 11 individuals and a sulky manager like MAN U. Training ground, stadium upgrades, which will increase revenue and atmosphere, holding onto Salah one of the greatest this club has seen. Injury crisis isn’t FSG fault. Another midfielder would be great but we have 5 injured! It’s not like hey would all be on the pitch at the same time!

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