Alan Shearer issues bitter response to Fabio Carvalho’s 90+8 Liverpool winner online

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After seeing several of Newcastle United’s on-pitch contingent actively time wasting throughout their encounter with Liverpool in the English top-flight, Reds fans could be forgiven for feeling the result more than justified the lack of sportsmanship shown by their opponents.

Commenting on the matter after the game, Alan Shearer took to Twitter to express his disgruntlement at Andre Marriner’s supposed failure to blow the whistle within the five-minute limit of added time.

Such a stance ignores the fact that the undesirable actions of the visitors evidently added up to an amount of time that exceeded the recommended batch of extra minutes.

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Losing so late in the game, we have to express some sympathy for the Magpies’ away support for the timing of our 20-year-old’s late winner.

Though, perhaps it might stand as a useful lesson to sides hoping to kill any momentum in a game by repeatedly opting for unsavoury tactics throughout proceedings.

We were far from being our usual excellent selves, of course, and that will present fresh concerns for Jurgen Klopp and his coaching staff.

Nonetheless, it feels like a victory of some significance as we look to get our season back on track amid ongoing criticism over our lack of further business in the summer transfer market.

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  1. Well done Andre Mariner, I hope the cheque was the right amount for your support for LFC and extra and additional time being given. Yes it was best not to book the LFC defenders for their blatant fouls and turn a blind eye and nice to see you taking the ball and giving it to LFC players for a free kick. One of these days I hope that you and the CORRUPT Premier League will be exposed as the PL is now the new Seria A.
    As for LFC you are not a patch on Man City and they will win this league by a country mile %Harland

  2. What sympathy?
    For destroying the image of the EPL? Newcastle display and performance was nothing short of a La Liga or Serie A bottom side playing Real Madrid or Juventus.
    It is a shame for someone like Sherer to be part of this barage that does not understand that ADDED TIME is a MINIMUM and NOT A LIMIT.

  3. Give your head a shake. Newcastle do not time waste never have the team had only two days rest and we’re feeling it from Wolves game Usual screaming scousers lucky to get anything from the game. Three more years and you will be looking up at Toon!

    1. As a South African fan of LFC, I only have a 4 letter word for you and Shearer………TSEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wasn’t Nick Pope on the floor feigning another injury for at least two minutes of the allotted added time? I daresay Joelinton sat himself down for another prolonged bout of cramp and perhaps the red spotted Newcastle players kicking or running off with the ball at every break in play. It was like playing Atletico Madrid last night. Sometimes you reap what you sow.

  5. So you watched the edited highlights then, you definitely didn’t go to the game there were more barcodes lying on the pitch than running on it
    Serves those time wasting &£&&£ right

    1. Let’s have it right, Newcastle got exactly what they deserved last night when Fabio Carvalho struck in the 98th minute. Only five minutes of injury time was added on, but Nick Pope stayed down for three minutes once 90 struck.

  6. Newcastle were a disgrace last night players pretending to be injured deserved to get beaten and I would say the same about any team that cheats like that

  7. Newcastle got exactly what they deserved for their gamesmanship and can have no complaints, great win for Liverpool despite the Geordie tactics.
    They actually played really well and instead of faking injury they should have been a bit braver and they could have had a late winner themselves. Ynwa

  8. So you say the same thing about Liverpool then,
    Any other team he blows the whistle, ref a total joke,
    Man city will win the title only one club in Liverpool come on everton

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