(Images) Liverpool murals that were defaced by some Everton supporters have already been restored

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Murals have already began being restored near to Anfield after they were defaced by some Everton supporters in the build-up to yesterday’s Merseyside derby.

Located just off Anfield Road, a mural of Liverpool favourite Trent Alexander-Arnold and Reds legend Ian St. John was ruined by blue spray paint while a disgusting slur was sprayed on the Mo Salah mural located near the popular King Harry pub.

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It’s great to see how quickly Mur Walls have acted to ensure the murals are back looking how they should – it’s bemusing as to why anyone would even consider doing such a thing but every club has idiots ‘supporting’ them.

What makes it even worse, as mentioned in the above tweet, is the fact that the mural of our No. 66 was created to promote and applaud all of the hard work that has been done and is continuing to be done by Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

That is a project that is best explained by their very own Twitter bio: ‘A unique partnership between Spirit Of Shankly & The Blue Union coming together to tackle food Insecurity, challenge Austerity & defend our Communities/Class’.

In short, the mindless Everton supporters defaced a mural that was commissioned by BOTH clubs.

Hopefully this is the last time that we see murals of either club being defaced and the disgusting people responsible can focus on supporting their team on the pitch.

You can see some images of the murals being restored below via @Courtney_Neary on Twitter:

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