Saif Rubie on how “it got a bit ugly with Liverpool” when Bobby Duncan left in 2019 despite him advising the player to stay

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Bobby Duncan seemed very much like a player from Liverpool’s past but his story has shot right back into headlines, following an outburst from his former representative – Saif Rubie.

Speaking on TalkSPORT (via the Liverpool Echo), the agent said: “I actually advised him to stay at Liverpool and you have to understand one thing, which is what I was trying to tell you guys, my job is to do the best for whoever is telling me to help them whether it be the player, a buying club or a selling club.

“In that particular case, you can choose to believe me or not, I thought him staying was the best outcome. It wasn’t meant to be and in the end it got a bit ugly with Liverpool which is unfortunate.

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“For whatever reason Liverpool didn’t want to let the player go out on loan to play first-team football. They didn’t want to give him a contract, they didn’t want to let him know. Basically, I don’t know what it was.

“Liverpool did not want to let this player leave at any cost because they didn’t even let him out on loan to prove himself as a first-team player if that was what he wanted to do”.

This whole affair seems so sad and frustrating, yet leaving most people with a thought that everyone got what they deserved in this case.

Following this interview on the live radio show, the Whiston-born forward took to his social media to reply with a thread of Tweets about what was said.

It’s certainly not the fault of the player that he has been forced to comment on this matter once again, with the cousin of Steven Gerrard ending his own four-year silence on this decision too.

It’s hard to see what the benefit can be for anyone here and the whole matter is quite painful to watch, yet encouraging to see that those in charge of our club took the quick and correct decision to cut all ties with both parties.

We now have a player who is just 21-years-old and playing in the third tier of Spanish football, with his agent talking about private matters on a public platform.

It’s messy, it’s sad and it’s only ever going to end in tears for one, or both men involved in this now public spat.

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