Didi Hamann’s theory behind Liverpool’s poor form will surprise fans: ‘Alarm bells should have been ringing’

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Dissecting Liverpool’s poor form has invited a plethora of bizarre excuses and explanations online, with the most strange yet coming in a joking tweet from rapper KSI.

That may have very well been beaten by a far more serious comment on the social media platform from ex-Red Didi Hamann, who suggested that Pep Lijnders’ book had influenced a collapse in performance levels.

We can understand the temptation to point fingers at ‘Intensity: Inside Liverpool FC’, the story about the Reds’ footballing identity under Jurgen Klopp.

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However, the notion that opposition managers have been pouring over the piece of work, which has allegedly divulged all of Liverpool’s secrets is absolute poppycock, to put it lightly.

If it’s not obvious to all how we generally tend to approach a game, it never will be – the high line, aggressive pressing in the final third and roaming fullbacks are all key parts of our game that are widely known to clubs domestically and abroad.

We’ve not been ‘figured out’ – we’ve categorically lost our way, our grit, our identity.

The return of key men may very well help paper over the glaring cracks but we must find a way to rediscover that individual spark. Our intensity.

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  1. There is absolutely NO consistent way to regain the lost glory with this current lot. It has been clear for at least a year now that especially our MF needs immediate help with, by now, 2-3 quality, younger, physically in their prime players to maintain our intensity, hard press and collective hunger! Also we need to seriously invest in a solid back up if not outright replacement for TAA he has become a true liability and focus point for all our opponents strategy. Also, Salah clearly can’t carry this team certainly not for the next 3 years! No way so a solution there is paramount, fast!

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