Journalist reports ‘next Saturday’s top flight fixtures also expected to be postponed’ ahead of possible month without Liverpool

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The death of the Queen has brought with it a fair amount of disruption to the football calendar, with now more Liverpool and Premier League matches expected to be called off.

As reported by football journalist Richard Buxton: ‘Next Saturday’s top flight fixtures also expected to be postponed in line with the Queen’s state funeral. Next available date to play any deferred matches is January 17/18, 2023’.

One game may have been bad enough for some supporters but with updates pending on our Champions League match with Ajax and now a possible further week away from domestic football – this does all seem a little over the top.

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When we see cricket and rugby allowed to still be played in England, it’s hard to see how a month without football is a fitting tribute but the other sports can continue.

With the looming international break, our next match could very much be against Brighton on the 1st of October.

Then there’s the whole other issue of when these fixtures can be rescheduled for, especially with this campaign already being highly disrupted by the Qatar World Cup.

Supporters now don’t know whether they should be arranging transport and accommodation for trips that could soon be cancelled and there are few refunds being offered, because everything else in the world is continuing as normal.

For some reason football is being punished and, as usual, it’s the fans who will be feeling the pain in their pockets – more than anyone else.

You can view the update via @RichardBuxton_ on Twitter:

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