(Video) Jamie Carragher labels Todd Boehly ‘incredibly arrogant’ after Chelsea owner touts all-star game

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Todd Boehly has upset a lot of people by suggesting an all-star game in the Premier League, first Jurgen Klopp shared his thoughts and now Jamie Carragher.

Speaking on CBS Sport, the 44-year-old said: “I’ll be honest with you, when I look at that statement I think it’s incredibly arrogant to speak about a league that you don’t know.

“I’m not as strong as Thierry, I don’t think we should ever discount ideas. Of course, we shouldn’t. The Premier League is an international league with owners, managers, players and that’s what makes it the best.

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“I don’t particularly like those ideas but to come and speak like that when he’s not even proved that he can run a Premier League club well yet. I mean he’s sacked a manager after three games having spent £250 million. Straight away you’re thinking ‘that’s not right’, so he’s not made a great start.

“To speak like that when you’ve been somewhere for six weeks and talk about ‘we’re going to bring what we doing in other American sports’, I just think of the American public would feel if an English Premier League football owner then went to the NFL and was saying ‘we do this in the Premier League’.

“It is incredibly arrogant to speak like that, but maybe if he’s coming up with ideas to improve league, listen, there’s nothing wrong with ideas. I don’t think many people agree with them.

“I don’t, Thierry doesn’t. Some people may differ with that. But to speak like that when you’ve been in the country for such a short time – and he hasn’t even proven that he’s a good owner of Chelsea yet”.

Perhaps some supporters would be interested to see the game happen but the way in which the new Chelsea owner has come about this, is all wrong.

Proposing his ideas as helping to teach English football some lessons from American sports, is quite arrogant – as discussed by the Bootle-born pundit.

Wait until you’ve achieved something in England, other than sacking a manager, and then maybe new ideas can be discussed.

You can watch Carragher’s thoughts on Boehly and the all-star game via @CBSSportsGolazo on Twitter:

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