‘We as fans are tired’ – Anfield Road End supporters start petition to ‘bring back the famous atmosphere’

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Liverpool are famed for having a fantastic atmosphere but there are some supporters in the Anfield Road End that are trying to make a change within the stadium.

In a thread of Tweets sent by Twitter account ‘The Anfield Road Pen’, they explained how they want to change ‘Anfield Road Lower blocks 125 to 129’ into a singing section.

In the hope of collecting ‘2,000 signatures’ with the long-term plan of allowing ‘season ticket holders and members with 13+ credits to move into The Anfield Road End Lower’, in line with the redevelopment of the new stand.

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Any supporter who sticks their head above the parapet and makes a suggestion like this, will be open to criticism but fair play to those in charge of this petition.

It’s a movement to increase and improve the atmosphere within Anfield and, although we have many famous and impressive nights within a season, it certainly has got room for improvement.

By collecting those fans who do want to sing and sitting them together in the new stand, that will only benefit the club in the long run.

It’s upsetting that we are having to have these discussions but the only way it will ever improve is by talking and asking the club for change.

Whether it’s next season, or in the coming years – best of luck to all involved here and let’s hope it can create some positive changes.

You can read the full thread of Tweets via @TheAnfieldRdPen on Twitter:

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