(Video) Klopp mural defaced ahead of Rangers Champions League clash

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It will sadden many a Liverpool fan to hear that yet another mural was defaced, so soon after the horrific treatment of Mo Salah’s tribute, ahead of the meeting with Rangers in the Champions League.

Footage shared by @danielnicolson on Twitter shows a new piece of artwork honour Jurgen Klopp was the subject of vandalisation – potentially by visiting fans of the Ibrox-based outfit.

It’s massively disappointing to see opposition supporters behave so poorly in Merseyside and show such blatant disrespect to one of the globe’s leading managers.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of @danielnicolson:

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  1. This seems incredibly strange this, no rivalry between the clubs but someones travelled from Scotland to put paint on Klopp who always comes across as a good guy, yet there’s statues to celtic people in Scotland and they don’t get vandalised, just bizarre.

  2. I’d guess the morons responsible are from closer to home than Glasgow.
    How long did it last? A week? Highly predictable.

  3. What a shocking piece of journalism to try and put the blame on Rangers fans. Seemingly other murals have been vandalised in the not so distant past so why blame Rangers fans now.

  4. I’m pretty sure this vandalism by followers of Scotland’s youngest club doesn’t surprise any Kop fans.
    These are the same thugs and delinquents who followed the previous club as they went to the wall, leaving them looking for another team to latch onto.
    The same fans, known around the football world as “Scotland’s Shame” joined forces with the new club, Sevco, who play their matches under the monacle of “the rangers”, hence their disillusionment that the old extinct club who died early in 2011, are somehow connected to this new club.
    As fans go, they already have the reputation worldwide of the worst fans in the game.
    So Liverpool fans, don’t be surprised. Don’t expect the same sportsmanship that the fans of Scottish Champions Celtic display.
    Unfortunately, this is what happens when teams unfit to play in the Champions League, get in by the back door.
    You have an opportunity to embarrass them further next week. But beware, wear head safety gear at their derelict stadium which has been handed down by the now extinct club.
    Simply put, these louts are scum.

  5. No timenfor vandalism, but.I don’t think it was the fans of Scotland’s newest club. Because none ot the Satues around Celtic Park have been damaged.
    But theRangers don’t get called Scotland’s shame for nothing.

    Hope Liverpool pump them in the return fixture next week

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