(Photo) Steward tells Liverpool fan to put away Celtic banner ahead of Rangers tie

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One Liverpool fan has been instructed to put away a Celtic flag they’d brought to Anfield ahead of kick-off between the Reds and Rangers in the Champions League.

It’s a bit of harmless banter from one supporter in the stands as far as we’re concerned, though perhaps the steward feared it was an incident waiting to happen.

The Merseysiders will be looking to bounce back from a 3-3 draw with Brighton & Hove Albion with another big victory in Europe to hopefully kickstart a consistent run of results across all competitions.

You can catch the image below, courtesy of @MarkOgden_:

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  1. You cannot be serious thinking that wasn’t antagonistic in the extreme…are you supporting this type of behaviour or what, because if that’s the attitude I won’t be following you in the future… you cannot condone it morally

  2. Celtic are a terrible team with a terrible history.
    It says it all about their supporters that they’d travel to another team’s ground with their flag to make a public nuisance of themselves.
    They are not ashamed of the paedophiles that were rampant at their club, they attacked their own team bus during the season Rangers won 55 and they regularly come off with vulgar remarks. And their singing recently, even by their kids teams has been beyond immoral, singing about our late Queen.

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