(Video) Liverpool and Manchester City’s net spend compared after Klopp’s comments

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Jurgen Klopp made a public statement about the difficulties that face Liverpool when having to financially compete with the likes of Manchester City and it’s led to comparisons of both club’s spending in the past six years.

As reported by Sky Sports News: ‘Liverpool net spend since 2016 – £𝟏𝟕𝟎.𝟑𝐦 – Man City net spend since 2016 – £𝟒𝟖𝟏𝐦’.

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Rival fans will point to the transfer fees for the likes of Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker, Naby Keita and Darwin Nunez but we are faced with the challenges of only really being able to spend what we generate – unlike the league champions.

The net spend figure is one that our fans like to use but does show that we have to be more careful with money, whilst also disregarding the huge wages Pep Guardiola can offer his players.

You can view the video on the net spend of Liverpool and Manchester City via @footballdaily on Twitter:

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  1. Well done on winning the net spend trophy again. You guys are the biggest cry babies in football. Every football fan is laughing at your club. You need to stop focusing on other clubs and focus on your own.

    1. The self-ignorant irony of saying, “You need to stop focusing on other clubs and focus on your own,” while you’re stalking a website for a football club other than your own.

  2. You continue to publish a lie. Manchester City adhere to the same set of rules regarding investment in playing staff as Liverpool and every other club. They cannot spend more than their revenue and more than any club can within the rules. Liverpool FC have similar revenue but choose to provide substantial dividends to the shareholders leaving less for re-investment.
    Manchester City do not, they re-invest their revenue in the playing staff.

  3. City do have a different model, ie the owners sponsor the infrastructure all around the club and inflate revenue allowing for massive salary and transfer investment.

    Liverpool operate in the open market for sponsorship’s etc, and owners are not saying oh let’s sponsor anfield for hundreds of millions over the next year or three to inflate our ability to spend

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