Jurgen Klopp takes legal action over Man City’s xenophobic claim after comments were ‘misunderstood’

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Jurgen Klopp has taken legal action in response to the media fallout from accusations of xenophobia made by Manchester City after complaining about the financial power of Pep Guardiola’s outfit.

This update comes courtesy of The Telegraph after the 55-year-old told reporters that his comments had been misunderstood, either deliberately or accidentally.

“It is not the first time that I am misunderstood. I know what I thought when I said it,” the German told reporters post-match, as relayed by the publication.

“If someone misunderstands or wants to misunderstand, I cannot change that. I know I have to be careful and I know I am not always careful. 

“From time to time I just answer and say what I think. I try to do it in the future as well.

“It is never my aim to blame anybody when I talk about things which I actually do not think are important in life, but I say what I know about it or how I judge it and see it.”

It’s telling how powerful the former Borussia Dortmund boss’ words were that the likes of Frank Lampard and Eddie Howe felt compelled to chip in with their own thoughts on the matter.

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An issue which should, in our eyes at least, be fundamentally black and white is inviting far more debate than any could have expected.

How on earth, for one, Klopp’s comments could have been interpreted as socially harmful is a question that will be hammered out by the coach’s legal team.

Perhaps the Cityzens genuinely feel they have a genuine reason to be furious with our manager.

Though, to the rest of us familiar with this current government’s tactics when it comes to the outrage in response to their unsavoury behaviour, it appears a move designed to shift the conversation away from the uncomfortable reality of human rights abuses and sportswashing.

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    Singing about Heysel is right out of order but Singing about Munich or the queen of England ( lizzies in a box) is ok

    Hypocrites of the highest order..

    As for the Rasist Klopp when a fan gets killed its down to goophy

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