FA issue telling response to Klopp comments that spawned ludicrous xenophobia claims

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Jurgen Klopp will not be investigated by the FA for the comments he made about Manchester City, Newcastle and PSG recently.

The German tactician spoke about the financial strength of the three sides and explained how it means that ‘they can do what they want financially’ in comments which later resulted in the Etihad outfit accusing the Reds boss of being ‘borderline xenophobic’ – much to the bemusement of the 55-year-old who has since sought legal action to rubbish the accusation.

According to BBC Sport, the FA are finding it difficult to prove City’s claims.

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The Liverpool boss didn’t mention race, ethnicity, nationality or culture and spoke only about the financial strength of the three clubs and nothing more.

It was nothing short of bemusing when City’s accusations of xenophobia were first heard and it appears that it was a clear attempt to divert attention from the reality of the poor human rights record and sportswashing tactics of The City Group.

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  1. The English FA will always take the side of and protect their beloved love child LiVARpool criminal victims Inc FC.

    The outcome was predicted by the footballing world that the FA would protect Klipperty Klopp and his band of cheating scumbags.

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