What Nottingham Forest fans chanted at Liverpool will disgust Reds supporters

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It’s concerning that chants mocking Hillsborough are becoming increasingly commonplace during matches involving Liverpool Football Club.

Both James Pearce and Ian Doyle noted on Twitter the home fans at the City Ground repeatedly singing ‘always the victims’ in their meeting with Jurgen Klopp’s outfit, among other unsavoury options.

It begs the question as to why outlets beyond the borders of Merseyside are refusing to acknowledge the vile nature of such actions from fanbases across the English top-flight.

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Given how quick publications were to serve Manchester City in changing the narrative about the financial disparity in the English top-flight to questions of xenophobia around the Liverpool boss, we perhaps shouldn’t be entirely surprised.

Regardless, it doesn’t make such occurrences any less shameful and it’s clear that more serious repercussions need to be put in place to eradicate this harmful behaviour.

Perhaps sanctions affecting the club as a whole, for instance, a points deduction, may help discourage such chants from future games, though it’s clear urgent action is required, not to mention nationwide programmes aimed at educating the ignorant on the realities of the Hillsborough disaster.

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