(Video) Kevin De Bruyne’s blatant dive for winning Man City penalty is absolutely horrendous

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Kevin De Bruyne played his cards right to win his side a decisive penalty in stoppage time against Fulham and secure the win.

The Belgian international was spotted dramatically diving to the floor after what appeared to be the slightest of contact made in the box.

In the playmaker’s defence, of course, he’s perfectly entitled to make a show of it if he felt contact, though his reaction does look a bit ridiculous, to say the least, on the replay.

You can catch the clips below, courtesy of beIN Sports & @BuggyLFC:

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  1. Salah has had more blatant fouls in the penalty box with NO return. It does seem true then that the Egyptian is treated VERY differently to other strikers/players. He would have to have his legs broken before any ref /VAR actually give him a penalty.

  2. The fact that someone notes ‘if Salah had done this..’ just reinforces the absolute FACT that Salah is a notorious and well practiced diving cheat. When someone else does it, we all see Salah as the diver’s point of reference.

  3. Man. City have really taken up residence in the minds of Klopp and Liverpool supporters. To compare Salahs diving to De Bruyne is ludicrous. Salah is an habitual diver, every ref and the rest of the premier league knows that

  4. A ridiculous dive is a ridiculous dive regardless of who it is VAR is as broken as the country until the FA steps up this embarasing crap will keep happening payed ridiculous amounts of cash these players to blatantly cheat they should ban them for 3 games its only way it will stop because these players obviously dont have any self respect or respect for the so called beautiful game

  5. You might just about argue that technically it is a penalty , but I also think de bruyne should be sent off for his obvious theatrics

  6. The scousers are so deluded. Just watching Liverpool v Spurs. What did TAA just do in the box? That blatant push wasn’t a penalty? Haha. LiVARpool didn’t happen by accident.

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