(Video) Fabinho reveals that his name is not actually ‘Fabinho’

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Fabinho has become a household name around the world following his role in Jurgen Klopp’s all-conquering Liverpool side but it’s not actually the midfielder’s name at all.

Speaking with Saturday Social on Sky Sports, the Brazilian was asked to reveal something that not everyone knows about him and he shared the origins of his name.

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The 29-year-old said: “My name is not Fabinho. My name is Fabio – Fabio Tavares – but in Brazil we put ‘inho’ in every name so they started to call me Fabinho and so today I’m Fabinho. I asked my Mum when I started my career what she preferred – Fabinho or Fabio – and she said Fabinho, so I stayed with Fabinho”.

Once you’ve got the seal of approval from your Mum, you know it’s a nickname that’s going to stick and it certainly has with our No.3.

You can watch Fabinho explain the origins of his name (from 7:34) via Sky Sports Premier League on YouTube:

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