(Photo) Joe Gomez ditches dreads for brand new look Liverpool fans will love

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Joe Gomez appears to have taken the lack of international football commitments as an opportunity to revert back to a classic look as he ditches his dreads.

The Liverpool star was sadly not selected to join Gareth Southgate’s men in Doha, though will be earning a hopefully transformative rest ahead of linking up with Jurgen Klopp in our Dubai training camp.

Though a change in hairstyles shouldn’t have any bearing on his performance levels, one fan is already keeping their fingers crossed to see a return to form for the former Charlton Athletic prospect.

You can catch the photo below, courtesy of Reddit user u/james__Fitzy:

Gomez has his old trim back incoming 2018-19 Gomez from LiverpoolFC

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  1. This is ridiculous. Joe Gomez NEVER had dreads to ditch. Ruud Guillet had dreads, Bob Marley had dreads. If not experienced in the Black cultural experience (dating, marrying and knowing a Black person does NOT count) its probably best to leave hair discussions alone. Have a great day and keep learning, honest mistakes happen every day.

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