Finance expert now points out Liverpool sale ‘reality’ amid Qatar investment news

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There’s an alarming number of expert insight weighting in favour of Manchester United, rather than Liverpool, being the more comparatively ideal option to invest in.

Despite that, Christian Nourry felt it was important not to lose sight of the fact that the Glazer family’s poorer reputation – compared to FSG’s – could very well work against them when bids surface.

“The revenue-multiplier purists will be quick to point out that Manchester United’s 2021 revenues were superior to Chelsea’s only by circa £59m,” the managing partner at Retexo Intelligence told The Athletic.

“But using Chelsea as a yardstick is complicated by the fact that the generally quoted figure of £4.25bn includes £1.75bn in future investment commitments, mainly for a new stadium.

“It will arguably be easier for United-focused investors to attempt to structure a similar deal for them than Liverpool because there is a clearer need for investment at Old Trafford than there is at Anfield.

“There is also the reality that there is a poorer public, fan and media perception of the Glazers than of FSG. That may work against the Glazers should an interested party make a public declaration that their offer includes several billion pounds to invest in infrastructure.”

The Merseysiders are said to have attracted investment from Qatar amid the World Cup with CBS Sports’ Ben Jacobs reporting that such interest is only in the ‘exploratory stage’ as things stand.

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When weighing up the pros and cons of buying either Premier League-based outfit, we’d be foolish to completely disregard our arch rivals in the equation given their commercial base and global reach.

That being said, results this season aside, we very much look the superior option in a number of areas – prime amongst them, perhaps, being the presence of Jurgen Klopp, one of the two leading managers in world football (next to Pep Guardiola).

Of course, it goes without saying that we wouldn’t want to use our comparative status as a means to securing funding from a potential owner with a dubious human rights record attached.

As such, we hope all the appropriate due diligence will be done by Fenway to ensure that the next owners of the club are in sync with the values of the club and city.

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  1. As fan base goes LFC are up there with MUFC, the need for United to overhaul their stadium will come at a cost and the need for players will affect the buyer too. LFC have all their ducks in a row so I see us being a more attractive proposition.

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