Football investor shares worrying Liverpool sale possibility few people are aware of

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Jordan Gardner has lowered expectations around the potential sale value the Glazers could hope to accrue for Manchester United following the release of a statement welcoming investment (shortly after Liverpool’s).

He went on to admit that, realistically, there is such a small pool of available suitors who can afford to buy a football club for the values discussed (£3-4bn) that it’s possible ‘one or both owners’ could end up not selling.

In terms of valuation, I have a hard time seeing anything above £4billion for Manchester United and maybe £3-3.5billion for Liverpool using any sophisticated valuation methodology and revenue multiples,” the US-based football investor told The Athletic.

“Most people don’t realise that the pool of buyers at these price points is incredibly small, and while it is possible a bidding war could raise the ultimate sale price for both clubs, I don’t anticipate that happening here.

“There’s a real possibility one or both owners do not get the asking price they want and end up deciding not to sell.”

Tom Werner has already admitted that FSG are prepared to remain stewards of the Reds should a suitable buyer not be identified.

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It’s a reality that may not entirely appeal to fans of either club – particularly those in Manchester given the near-universal unpopularity of the ownership.

On our end, we’d most certainly rather hold on to the group we’ve got rather than risk a change of hands at pace, which may not suit the values of the side and city.

Ultimately, any prospective owner that comes into the equation has to be capable of, at a minimum, building on the framework left behind by John W. Henry and Co. and actively listening to the fans on key decisions affecting the makeup of the outfit.

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