‘Held talks’: FSG may bring in Saudi Arabian or Qatari Liverpool buyer as report drops seismic detail – Arabian Business

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Liverpool could be a step closer to inviting in fresh ownership after a fresh report claimed that consortiums – critically consisting of private companies – hailing from Saudi Arabia and Qatari have ‘held talks’ with FSG.

This update comes courtesy of the Daily Mail (via Arabian Business) with the Merseysiders having since been joined by Manchester United following the Glazers’ decision to likewise announce an intention to attract investment opportunities.

English Premier League side Liverpool FC have held talks with two consortiums in the Middle East, according to reports in the UK media,” as reported by the publication.

Bids from super-rich owners already operating in the sports sphere, of the likes of Steve Ballmer and Mukesh Ambani, have both been ruled as unlikely in the near future, with the former, in particular, understood to not be keen on the prospect of expanding his portfolio.

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There will, understandably, be a great deal of hesitation associated with any potential deals given the obvious human rights concerns attached to both Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The key aspect of this report is, of course, highlighting that the organisations in question aren’t directly connected to the state, thought that doesn’t necessarily rule out all possible connections.

To what extent there is some interference from the regimes in question will remain unclear until further reports clarify the exact identity and makeup of the groups mentioned.

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  1. Nobody gets rich in the Middle East unless they are in league with the appropriate royal family. None of them is fit to own Liverpool FC.

  2. yes by Saudia Arabian but no stop moan debt and lost plus weaklink fsg asslick poo shit you dickhead red ted ok

  3. Oil money not welcome at Liverpool , we stand for unity and inclusion, our club stands for women’s rights and gay rights .

  4. Abdul rokib if you are going to insult real liverpool fans for their ethical beliefs, and wanting no connection to those perpetrating human rights violations with Liverpool F.C, do it in decipherable English please! Thank you.

  5. Our club is a football club not a club pushing agendas we dont stand for any writes we may suport yess but stand for no lfc aint politisions this same political stuf has ruined the world cup i do not want this to ruin any chance of lfc getting owners that will help us compete ..

  6. Take your piss elswhere and get a live. Today money talks. Liverpool is an institution and anyone buying them will be reformed. With all the human rights issues staining Qatar, isn’t the world cup going on. All those nations that spoke against the Qatari regime and corruption are happily participating in the tournament. Why didn’t they boycott the world cup?

  7. Political Liverpool fans thinking they’re speaking on behalf of us all saying oil money not welcome. If you don’t like it then fair enough but don’t speak on behalf of every red out there and dividing us with your bullshit political views. We’re a football club at the end of the day not a political party. You fucking do gooder!

  8. I have supported LFC.for over 50 yrs but say with a heavy heart that if we have owners that there are questions over there income my support would stop. We are a club of the people of all life styles and would loose our identify with such a takeover.

  9. All these countries i.e UK ,EU and the Americans do Business with these Arabian countries and businesses , the hypocrisy that emanates from these hypocrites is mind boggling.

  10. I am not a liverpool fan and if one of them buy this club i will convert to lfc forever i love those country

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