(Video) Liverpool star spotted entering Anfield on crutches; injury could be worse than first feared

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Luis Diaz will have worried many a Liverpool fan after being spotted entering Anfield on crutches ahead of the Reds’ impending clash with Leicester City.

The Colombian international suffered an untimely injury setback at the warm weather training camp in Dubai and wasn’t initially expected back in action until March.

Following his successful knee surgery, it’s surely just a precautionary measure and hopefully not a sign that the injury and the return timescale is worse than first feared.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of Football Daily:

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  1. I wish to sincerely extend my gratitude to LF C owners for their efforts they are expending in relation to the signing they have made and the future signings they are intending to sign.I know making quality signings is not child ‘s play in respect of the expenses involved. You guys have made us proud.You have saved us from humiliation from other supporters and fans respectively.Thank you so much.May you be blessed more abundantly

    1. Those who have never had joint surgery will be those ‘panicking’.

      Those of us who have, would be horrified if he wasn’t on crutches.

      With all the knee jerk reactions seen online and in social media, there’ll be a whole generation understanding the recovery processes of knee surgery in the future.

  2. It’s good as he stepped out even though is on crutches is happy to see him and I can’t wait for his full return

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