Liverpool could be due for immediate cash injection as £8bn rich owner steps up

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Liverpool may soon welcome a timely injection of cash should Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) agree a stake or takeover with the club.

The group is reportedly said to be considering such an arrangement with Premier League clubs like the Reds and Manchester United following talks between rivals Tottenham and £8bn rich Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

“Qatar Sports Investments chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi recently held conversations with Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy over the possible purchase of a stake in the London-based club, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting,” David Hellier reported for Bloomberg. “QSI is also considering both a full takeover or a stake in rivals including Manchester United or Liverpool FC, added the person, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private.”

Whether such a deal would appeal to the club’s morally-conscious core, however, is another matter entirely given the connections to Qatar’s government.

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We can appreciate, of course, the maxim ‘there’s no such thing as a good billionaire’, though there are distinctive levels various owners occupy and few supporters will be keen to associate Liverpool’s brand with a regime continuing to struggle with human rights abuses.

There is a clear need for us to invest in the squad, particularly in the immediate near future in light of our ongoing difficulties on the pitch, but we’d imagine few would be prepared to see the club sell its soul in the process of re-finding its feet.

Until further developments come to light, it seems any further forays in the market will have to result from more serious pressure applied to FSG before the window draws to a close.

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  1. We need a good supply or a good parson who know what is sports to invest our team not that give us funs almost crying Liverpool is a big team the other team are fearing Liverpool of the spirit waoo how comes that a good player like Judyyyy ohuuu my god please all of those two guys pick one and the rest of the 💰 bring caisedo + three more players this team will settle by never work alone in ug East Africa

  2. Yes, let’s shoot ourselves in the foot as usual because of delusions that it makes the slightest bit of difference who owns the club. It doesn’t belong to us, it’s a business. Our shirts are made by Nike ffs, they use child labour in the Far East, what we’re fine with that for £90m a season but not ok with Qatar? It smacks of racism, moaning about human rights when it’s brown people from Qatar but perfectly fine with the American, white western company Nike.

  3. If we don’t take their money some other team will. From that moment on we will become, as we were for 30yrs, the almost team. Almost bought that player. Almost won that trophy. Almost etc etc. Thw sport has changed and we need to go with it or be left behind. Just look across the park…that could be our future.

  4. I agree with Steve.. Let’s make this proud club bigger & all world of life is welcome.. We support Liverpool, not the owners.!!! But thank them if they help us stay BIG

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