Liverpool learn truth about Qatar takeover interest as club already ‘in talks’ with connected officials

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FSG had opened the doors to investment in Liverpool Football Club and are understood to favour that eventuality over a full sale, as things currently stand.

Though few could predict the outcome of a serious bid from the Middle East, should it match or exceed Fenway’s expectations in the market.

Such an offer may not even come from rumoured suitors in Qatar with Adam Crafton confirming that PSG owners QSI ‘is not pursuing the club’.

“Social media speculation about Liverpool and Qatar is, for now, simply that — speculation,” Adam Crafton wrote for The Athletic“QSI is not pursuing the club. That leaves Tottenham as the likeliest outcome — but if the past decade has taught us anything, it is not to underestimate what might happen when Qatar decides it really wants something.”

That, of course, doesn’t rule out QIA (which is connected to QSI), from throwing its hat into the ring should the state push for feet on the ground in the English top-flight – certainly, it has been reported by Alex Miller that ‘officials connected’ to the sovereign wealth fund are ‘in talks’ with the Reds.

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If the gulf state thought it encountered serious opposition in London, however, it will no doubt be shocked by the level of outright disinterest in its plans from local Liverpool supporters and beyond.

There is an acknowledged need for serious investment in the squad – investment, it is believed in some quarters, that FSG is no longer capable of providing in line with the Premier League’s mega-rich – though few would be prepared to compromise the values of the club to get it.

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  1. As a Liverpool fan, you want the club to have certain sets of values. But we are living in the real world. Why should Liverpool be the moral Kings when the governing body absolutely has none? Why should other clubs be allowed to get away with breaking the rules but lie down and take it? I’m fed up of the cheats. If you can’t beat them. Join them.

  2. I totally agree we need a huge investment to contend with city Chelsea. Newcastle,we are not going to get this from our present owners. Morality does not exist in today’s world ,for us to compete for trophies.

  3. I personally believe that Liverpool and our fans should drop the moral high ground BS, all clubs in the elite group cheat, gain funds from 3rd party companies that they already have their finger in and just plough money into their clubs, (which is why we’re getting left behind) Chelsea have so far this season spent £157m on players and are now looking at Fernandez for £106m plus that’s over £260m in one season, surely pushing towards ffp if not over it, but what’s the bets that Boehly gets away with it stating it was third party investment.
    We need to accept that the game ain’t what it was when we could stand on moral high ground and still win trophies…. Get whoever in that can find the players we need to compete with the top teams in our league and the CL

    1. Their spending is actually 460m this season. And I imagine the lad from Brighton will be coming which is going to be another 65-70m. Liverpool have spent that much in 10 transfer windows. They have to have proper success in the next few seasons or its going to come back and bite them royally. Apparently they have a loophole. They put a player on a long contract, 8 years or so. This allows them to pay the transfer fee over the contract length. HP for billionaires.

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