Liverpool legend rejects FSG myth that may be harming Jurgen Klopp’s players

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The diagnosis of the cause behind Liverpool’s issues on the pitch has inevitably led fans and pundits alike to the lack of investment in the midfield department in recent years.

There have also been some tentative suggestions that the uncertainty reigning behind the scenes regarding FSG’s search for a potential successor at the helm could be having a negative influence on the squad – a thought resoundingly rejected by Robbie Fowler.

“From a fan point of view, you can have your theories and question what might happen but I don’t think the players [will be concerned],” the Englishman told the Echo.

“But I can’t speak for them all now but your job, as a player, is to go and do what you need to do.

“Everything else is irrelevant. Your focus is getting the best results for the club and OK there’s a bit of selfishness in wanting to do a good job for yourself.

“So when we start looking for not reasons but excuses then I think we will fall away a bit. Regardless of who comes in and whether or not the club want to sell, whether it’s 20% or 40% or 60%l it doesn’t concern the players!”

The current status of the search for investment remains somewhat unclear, though it’s understood that Fenway remain open to the prospect of a full sale despite reports claiming that John Henry and Co. are merely leaning toward selling a minority stake in the club.

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With the likes of Newcastle United being propelled to the top four and Chelsea also benefitting from fresh ownership, it’s only a matter of time until Liverpool’s sustainable policy goes from most enviable to most outdated in the Premier League.

That’s not to say that a switch to the Blues’ scattergun approach is the ideal next step forward, of course, and we certainly wouldn’t wish to trade FSG for any entity with links to regimes responsible for human rights abuses – no matter the competitive benefits.

In the meantime, we’d hope that our current crop can remain focused on the task ahead whilst Champions League qualification continues to hang in the balance.

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