(Video) Pundit spots what Klopp did on LFC bench right after going 2-0 down

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Many a Liverpool fan will have been far from pleased with the display they were treated to in the first 45 minutes of action at the Molineux that saw their side go 2-0 down before the break.

Jurgen Klopp was certainly no different in that regard, with Ashley Williams spotting the German ‘going mad on the bench’ after Craig Dawson doubled the hosts’ early lead.

Hwang Hee-chan took first blood in the opening five minutes, capitalising on some half-hearted defending from Joel Matip to send the home crowd into raptures.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of @BBCMOTD:

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  1. Being a Pool supporter for past 50 years, just one word sums up their performance – “DISGRACEFUL”.
    Let alone the midfield & defensive woes, MO seems to be resting on his laurels coz performance is atrocious.They have forgotten the basics.

  2. Klopp has run his course, has no answers to turn LFC around, In short when the cost of the coaching
    team exceeds the benefit = TIME FOR CHANGE

  3. Everybody has a right to celebrate this season against Liverpool but it’s normal because what the boys did last season can not be defended and not every year you do the way you did past years. Only be calm and patience is needed as God plans. let us put effort any day we shall come back and wonders can be done. I remember in between 2017, 18 things were not working the same but later we worked hard to come back. Anothe thing it’s necessary to change coaching staffs, it can work to relieve stress of fans generally. Clopp has that record problem when it comes to staying longer in a club.

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