Sky Sports drop major Liverpool transfer update they’ve heard from reliable journalist

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The task that awaits Liverpool in the summer is looking increasingly titanic as the second-half of the season plays out, with the midfield evidently not the only department in need of surgery.

That being said, it can’t be disputed that the middle of the park is in need of the most rejuvenation – particularly with all three of Naby Keita, James Milner and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looking destined for the exit door once their contracts expire.

Relaying an update from Sky Germany’s Florian Plettenberg, Sky Sports tweeted out a video update on the No.8’s future in which it was claimed that a return to Germany could be on the cards for the Guinean international who is ‘on the verge of leaving’ at the end of the campaign.

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Given that our current accepted best midfield combination includes the former RB Leipzig star, this development should inspire concern amongst our decision-makers.

With Stefan Bajcetic still a youngster (albeit a supremely talented one judging by his performances since the return of domestic football) and Thiago Alcantara prone to periods in the treatment room, the minimum requirement of two midfield additions in the summer doesn’t seem like enough if we can’t manage to salvage a long-term future out of one or both of Jordan Henderson or Fabinho.

That viewpoint, it could be reasonably said, overlooks the value of Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott and Fabio Carvalho (whose long-term future was initially presumed to lie in the midfield).

At the moment, there are question marks over the former’s future (although Jurgen Klopp is said to still value our No.17) and whether his England U21s teammate is better suited to the forward line.

We need to first qualify for Champions League football next term, of course, to be in the best possible financial situation to address this growing concern.

40% of Liverpool’s summer loans failed – what’s happened to the club’s loan system?

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  1. People who know nothing about foot ball do not take into account that LFC lack depth and have no quality at ll.They compare LFC with rich clubs.LFC have played above their ability in the past.LFC play a consuming type of foot ball.No top six can play successfully with the kind of players.Sacking Klop can be myopic and counterproductive.The blame should be on the shoulders of the FSG.

    1. Blame can be apportioned to FSG in terms of being negligent with regards to not buying in midfielders in a phased approach based on the intensity of the game we play under Klopp. However, to assume it is only FSG fault is naive with respect to two major points: 1. FSG buy players based on the Moneyball principle i.e. Buy them young and hungry with massive potential and sell them on at their peak to replenish the 1st team and squad (think Coutinho). So who decided to go against the Moneyball principle and hold onto old players on massive wages? FSG? Is this why Edwards and now Ward and the other key data analyst team are leaving? No point in staying around if you are no longer being listened to. 2. With Citeh just recently being charged for breaching over 100 laws was it ever realistic that we could compete with a sovereign state (which we did) or oligarch associated with Russia etc?
      I expect Chelsea to be next.
      Hopefully the powers that be in Football don’t get rolled over like last time when Citeh employed a £50k a day lawyer to get them out of Jail.
      One thing I know about Arabs is they would rather pay you to take the blame then have shame brought to their name. So let’s see what transpires in the coming months.

      1. FSG ? their job is to make money for Liverpool. how Liverpool decide to spend it is the question for the football management. They tried for Tchoumeni last summer, then tried Bellingham, Laimer, Valverde, Caicedo, the choices of the boss. He chose not to take inferior alternatives but to wait for players he wants, hence the accounts showed £140m transfer money unspent. We have competed with all of these cheat clubs and done better. we will refresh in summer and come back stronger …. without sportwashing filth

        1. £140 million unspent transfer money ( your an idiot ) FSG’s average spend on transfers since they stole the club back in 2010 is £22.5 Million ( LET THAT SINK IN )
          And to say it’s FSG’s job to make money for Liverpool is a bloody joke,FSG are bankers and they only care about themselves ( FACT ) If they sell another part share to keep control of the club we are screwed… Because FSG won’t provide transfer money if we aren’t in Europe,and it will be sell to buy in the future…

    2. Yeah ,Liverpool surgery to their weakness amid the teams poor running this season lies in the hands of FSG .

    3. it seems you know little about the club. financially they have just overtaken man utd for the first time and are classed as the best run most sustainable club in the premier league. no quality ? they were in all three cup finals last season and lost the league by one point to ‘the cheats’. great players they had a team full, but it’s time to refresh this summer then you will see them again conquering all

      1. If we are that great why didn’t we score a single goal in any of the finals we played last season,and yes we are 3rd in the Deloitte world club charts for money generated but when FSG prioritize paying there own loans off instead of replenishing the squad you know your in trouble…And since FSG took charge of Liverpool Football Club in 2010 we have an average spend on transfers of £22.5 Million a season ( THATS WORSE THAN MOST OF THE WHOLE PREMIER LEAGUE TEAMS EVER )

        1. So what ? You want saudi miney ? You want us to become that clyb /clubs we hate bevause of their owners ? Fsg have run us like any good business . All of you moanjng about them havent a clue about modern football. Football is a Business …it jas to be run az such . Look at Everton , a basket case of a club…be careful what you wish for .

  2. He who laughs last laughs the best. LFC will win the league again before Man.utd wins it.LFC will win CL before Arsenal make a semi final.Arsenal will win CL after the rupture.They will never win it in our life time.Even if they can qualify they will never win it.They must try in Europa.

  3. Klopp has taken lfc as far as he can,he is the main culprit of what is happening.The people he trust r not good enough, favouritism has killed the spirit.Hendo,Milner,Robertson,Elliot,Gomez,Salah are favoured.

  4. Before so many players got injured LFC was doing well. Few things happened after last season Mane left there was no quality replacement. Then we got luis to come in. We were still doing well. But then injury list began to build up one after another.,These list had quality and senior players.,Replacements dont have the same quality. We got nenuz and cody to come in. Sadly they lack consistency and quality.,So here we go we cant score and cant defend. Salah lost his form he may recover it but for now we are bleeding. I personally feel don’t despair the return of Our Seniors will start the LFC engine moving again. By their return we will have a good bench of players. Lets hope Feb/March are the return of our happy days.

  5. Complete clear out needed. Sell Salah ,Van Dyke, Matip, Fabhino, Gomez, Henderson, Ox, Keita, give Milner a coaching role and rebuild.

  6. For Klopp to ,put all of his eggs in one basket, so to speak, and that be Jude Bellingham intimates to me that he has been told that he has a finite amount of money to spend. So had he bought someone in January then that would have depleted the amount that he has to spend in the summer. Having worked in Qatar for over a year, I have no problem with them buying LFC fully or a part of it.
    As has been shown at Newcastle, as far as supporters are concerned it doesn’t matter where the money comes from as long as it’s used to improve the team. Klopp has proven that given the tools, he can make LFC successful.
    That’s all I want.

    1. Seriously? You Dont care where it comes from ? So if putin or kim wanted to invest youd be happy out …eh…ok…but im out , ii have a moral compass. You.shoild look it up , you might find one on amazon

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