(Video) What a sports lawyer said about Manchester City’s unprecedented financial breaches allegations

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Manchester City attracted the ire of football fans in England after a Premier League investigation produced allegations of the club’s financial misconduct over the course of the last decade or so.

Stephen Taylor Heath, a sports lawyer, confirmed that the volume of charges levelled against the incumbent league champions had never been seen before.

The Sky Blues will have to comply with the efforts of an independent commission to ascertain the precise truth around the club’s financial conduct and the extent to which this fails to fall in line with the regulations in place.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of Sky Sports (via @footballdaily):

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  1. It so unfortunate that breaches of football regulations are probed after a decade as is the case with Man.City.Of what significance will that be? Man.city might have benefited in all aspects during the period under review.So will be the same with Chelsea orMan.utd. I support the notion striking while the iron is still hot.

  2. Clubs with less funding would hold up their hands and say guilty as charged. BUT, when you have an endless supply of money, to buy the best lawyers in the world, you CHEAT and LIE until you win. The integrity of the whole of football is at stake here, from the kids with 2 jumpers for goalposts and the kid kicking a football at a wall dreaming of being in his team and scoring the winning goal in the F.A. Cup at Wembley, to the highest international level of the World cup final. This is the home of football, do not allow it to become the home of cheating and corruption. We need to make an example that cheating will not be tolerated. We want a level playing field. My sympathies are with the players, mangers and fans robbed of titles and cups.

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