FSG highlights new ‘contender’ for investment stake with American company who are involved in baseball and F1 – report

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It’s no secret that John Henry and FSG are apparently looking for investment in the club and it appears that one potential suitor has been found, someone with similar business interests and involvement to our current owners.

As reported by The Telegraph: ‘Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) are looking at major media companies as potential investors to take a minority stake in the club.

‘One such contender could be the US media giant Liberty Media, which owns Formula One as well as the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball. It was Liberty’s acquisition of Formula One, and assorted subsidiaries from private equity group CVC, finalised in January 2017 at an equity value of €4.4 billion (£3.6 billion), that announced it as a global player in major sporting brands. It also owns the SiriusXM radio group in the US. Liberty Media declined to comment on interest in Liverpool or FSG’.

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After John Henry announced that a sale of the club was unlikely to happen and that investment was the most likely port of call, it was always going to end with rumours beginning to start circling about who could be ready to pump money into the Reds.

Another American company with sports club interests then should be someone that we as fans take seriously and, as has been the case with other ownership groups, they should be investigated by those in power as to whether they would be the right fit for us.

Anyone with the spending capability to help finance a summer refresh of our squad and hopefully facilitating the likes of Jude Bellingham through the entrance door, should be taken seriously and then we see if they fit the ethos of the club.

If they follow similar values and beliefs of us and FSG, then this could be welcome news and perhaps the beginning of a new era for the Reds.

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