(Video) Klopp: ‘Thank God’ for ‘Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture’

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Liverpool and Manchester United have an intense and historic rivalry but that also means that these fixtures are ones that the fans, players and clearly Jurgen Klopp look forward to – something which the boss was keen to discuss.

Speaking with the media, the 55-year-old said: “The moment when Liverpool versus Manchester United is not a special game any more then something went really wrong. Liverpool versus Man United: Who? That would be really difficult, that would be really sad.

“I love football, I love the fuss we make of it, most of the time at least, and then it is like, Liverpool v United I want to see it. It has to be like that otherwise football would have absolutely no right to exist any more…

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“It is a big game and it always was in my life a big game – since I was allowed to watch it on television it always was. Thank God it is still one.”

It’s easy to be a little nervous for these matches as the fear of losing is huge but we do experience this twice a year and so maybe we should be a little more prepared for how we feel about the fixture.

This is a special match, made a lot better if you secure all three points, and so maybe we should enjoy and appreciate the build-up and anticipation more as this is a massive yet potentially exciting game – the main reason we all love football.

You can watch Klopp’s thoughts on the game against Manchester United (from 2:39) via BeanymanSports on YouTube:

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