Ex-BBC pundit Lawrenson issues two-word response to MOTD controversy as Klopp to make a statement

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Match of the Day has been thrust into the limelight and the reactions of current and former employees are being given huge exposure, such as that of former Liverpool player Mark Lawrenson.

The former BBC employee was asked to make a statement on his stance on the Gary Lineker immigration debate, when one Twitter user mistakenly assumed the 65-year-old still worked for the company and his simple way of responding was: ‘Ha ha….😜😜😜’.

It was an unusual response from the former defender to not stand by his former colleague and instead laugh at the thought he still worked for the BBC, something which may actually be more telling.

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This comes as Jurgen Klopp is expected to also make a statement on his opinion in this huge debate, with an expected boycott of Match of the Day from our boss and his players – as shared by Emily Maitlis:

The German is not afraid to make a strong statement on topics that he believes in and you can also assume that those in charge of our club will have more of a backbone and moral compass to allow him to do so, when compared with the broadcasting company.

Everyone currently or formerly attached to the BBC and Match of the Day has a brilliant opportunity to show their solidarity and empathy in this moment, something that our former defender has refused to do as of yet.

You can view Lawrenson’s comment on the Lineker debate via @MTLawrenson on Twitter

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  1. What’s the problem if Mark L decides not to comment.
    If your for freedom of speech he has decided not to it’s his privilege.

  2. The savings to the British tax payers in BBC paying wages to the useless commentators , this can go towards the French & English start to stopping people endangering themselves in the sea .

    We need to build centers to help people closer to where they are escaping and have agreements with other countries and help them get to where they feel safe

    Now we need a UK EU solution that thinks of people first .

  3. Lineker should be sacked immediately for what he said. What a self rightious pompous jug eared prat he is. He should stick to the job he gets ridiculously paid for and that’s being a sports presenter, not a politician and a voice box for the Liberal handwringing PC woke BBC. If the other presenters and pundits want to refuse to go on tv shows then sack them as well.

    1. He is entitled to his opinion, just like you’ve posted your opinion. His twitter account had absolutely nothing to do with his work as a football pundit. If he had an opinion that agreed with yours you wouldn’t be spouting the rubbish you’re coming out with now. I’m not the biggest Gary Lineker fan at all, but we live in a country where free speech is supposed to be accepted. Grow up!

      1. He was happy to take the £millions on offer from the BBC but not the contractual requirements he signed up to? As it is the BBC that gives him his social media profile if he wanted free speech he should turn down the money.. odious grabber…

      1. You sad PC woke remoaners, get a life. its because of idiots like you that freedom of speech in this country has been stifled because we can’t say what we want in case we offend anyone, fly a Union Jack/St George’s flag because we get labelled racists or bigots, Its not a crime to be patriotic. If people don’t like the truth being told then go and live in your beloved Europe, we won’t miss you

    2. You must be a Johnson lover then aye? If you can offer your opinion on him, and his anti-Tory rhetoric on this issue, why can’t he offer the opposite opinion.
      Are you more important than him?

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