(Video) Simon Jordan has one big grievance over Liverpool’s decision on ticket prices

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Simon Jordan has questioned Liverpool’s announcement on an increase ticket prices for the 2023/24 season – although it wasn’t the decision per se with which he took umbrage.

The club confirmed on Tuesday (via its official website) that the majority of tickets at Anfield from next term onwards will come with a 2% increase on the current price structure.

That equates to an extra £1 per match for members and a maximum £17 more for a season ticket covering all 19 Premier League home games.

The decision met with opposition from the Reds’ Supporters Board, which voiced its unhappiness over ticket prices being raised during a cost of living crisis (via The Athletic).

Jordan was also critical of Liverpool’s decision, but in stark contrast to the aforementioned fan organisation, he thinks the club didn’t go far enough in increasing the price of tickets.

He told talkSPORT: “When we talk about Liverpool putting a 2% pay increase on season tickets, let’s look at that. That’s £15 on average.

“When your average ticket price is, say, £750; if you’ve got 40,000 fans that are gonna pay an extra £15, you’re gonna pay 600 grand? What’s that gonna pay, Mo Salah’s wages for a week and a half?

“What’s the point of that? Why would you need to do that? I would either go hard or go home. I’d own that situation and say ‘sorry, we’re going up by 10% because that’s what we’re doing and you’ve had a good run for several years’.”

Considering the opposition that the 2% increase has provoked, the notion of raising ticket prices by 10% during a financially difficult time for supporters would’ve been lunacy if it were implemented.

While not universally well received, Liverpool’s minor adjustment on the price of tickets seems fair, whereas the 10% hike that Jordan wildly suggested would simply have been an insult to match-going supporters.

You can watch Jordan’s comments in full via @talkSPORT on Twitter:

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