Carragher engages in Twitter spat as United man’s 7-0 Anfield performance being mocked once again

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Jamie Carragher is never afraid of both offending Manchester United and engaging in a Twitter argument when he thinks there’s a fight worth having – with both topics being covered in his latest online interactions.

In a lengthy interaction with friend-come-foe Gary Neville, the Bootle-born pundit said: ‘Surely not as bad as your take on Bruno wanting to come off at Anfield!’ when the Bury-born former defender highlighted comments the Scouser had made about ‘Rashford , Martinez and Conte!’.

Despite being colleagues and working for the same aim of improving Sky Sports and increasing the interaction from their viewers, the pair famed for their work on Monday Night Football are never afraid of reminding each other and everyone else about the times that their counterpart was wrong.

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With our former No.23 bringing up Bruno Fernandes’ performance at Anfield during our 7-0 demolition of Erik ten Hag’s side, he knew that he would not only be hitting a nerve with the ex-right-back but also bringing up his accusation of the Portuguese player wanting to come off the pitch.

Despite many camera angles picking up that the Old Trafford man was clearly exasperated with his own and his teammates’ performance, the words of the co-commentator for the day claiming that he wanted to be removed from the pitch – could never be proven.

This is all just a very public online brawl that will do little but add a smirk to the face of the readers and increase the engagement of the pundits’ viewers and that is all that their bosses would ever want them to do.

You can read Carragher’s comments on Fernandes to Neville via @Carra23 on Twitter:

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