‘One-stop’ pre-season tour planned for the summer as the club reduces travel for the players

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With last summer being so short, this season being so long and a World Cup having been played – the next pre-season will be a fine balance between giving the players time off but also wanting to get them prepared for a new campaign and it appears Liverpool have put their plans in place.

As reported by David Lynch on Twitter: ‘Liverpool will be returning to Asia for a one-stop pre-season tour this summer. Singapore the likely destination’.

This will come as welcome news, not just to our supporters in Singapore but because it means there’s not as much jetting around the world during a crucial period of preparation for a very important season.

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The humid climate in Asia will mean it will be hard for the players but it seems as though our usual trip to Austria may well be scrapped, as Jurgen Klopp probably realises rest is hugely important for our squad.

It really has been unprecedented the amount of football that has been played in the past few years and with the Reds being highly competitive in so many competitions, it looks like it’s catching us up on the pitch.

Let’s hope the weather and playing conditions in the Southeast of Asia will compliment everything that we have planned to condition the players, as we likely welcome many new faces and plot a return to the summit of football.

You can view the pre-season update via @dmlynch on Twitter:

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