(Video) Klopp admits to talks about Liverpool’s high line being exposed too often

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Jurgen Klopp is watching the same team as all of us and will be fully aware that things need to change but one area that his teams are often criticised for is the decision to play a high line, something the manager has addressed.

Speaking with the media, the 55-year-old said: “We have had the conversation about a high line and people exposing us with passing behind. We could sit back completely but that is not us at all.

“It’s basics. It’s not rocket science and it didn’t turn into rocket science overnight. It’s possible, it’s what we have to demand, it’s what we have to show, and it’s what we have to do.”

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Some may say it’s a stubborn show from the boss that he doesn’t want to change the way he’s playing to improve results but his strong philosophies have delivered every trophy in the game.

Let’s hope that, although we may continue to be caught out in the coming weeks, these plans will work in the new season and that we can return to our former selves.

You can Klopp’s thoughts on our high line (from 5:04) via BeanymanSports on YouTube:

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