‘No further action’ to be taken against Constantine Hatzidakis despite elbow on Andy Robertson – Paul Joyce

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No further action will be taken against Constantine Hatzidakis after he elbowed Andy Robertson during half time of Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal on Sunday.

The linesman struck our No. 26 with his elbow while attempting to shrug the Scotsman off during a debate moments after the whistle had sounded for half time.

The FA had been investigating the incident since but have recently confirmed that Hatzidakis will go unpunished.

“FA to take no further action after reviewing all of the evidence in relation to the incident at Anfield involving the Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson and match official Constantine Hatzidakis,” The Times’ Paul Joyce wrote on his Twitter.

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It really is a bemusing outcome.

For an official to strike a player with his elbow and to go unpunished really is remarkable – can you imagine the uproar if it was the other way round?

The official has also released a statement (as quoted by Joyce on Twitter) which reveals he has been in direct contact with Robertson and he’s apologised to the Scotland captain.

“I have discussed the matter directly with Andy Robertson during an open and positive conversation,” he said. “It was not my intention to make any contact with Andy as I pulled my arm away from him and for that I have apologised.”

Check Joyce’s tweets below via Twitter:

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  1. If it had been the other way round it would have been a straight red,they have just made football a laughing stock
    .I think now is the time to say football as we knew it is FUCKED!!!!!

    1. Is anyone really surprised, the FA have been corrupt for years,what’s that saying he who pays the piper wonder who’s money there taking.

  2. Farcical. He alleges it was an accident but I did not see him apologise to Robertson which is what anybody accidentally elbowing somebody would do. He walked away pretending it hadn’t happened. If you look at the replay his arm comes up too far for it to be an “accident”. It was obviously deliberate and the powers that be have covered it up. Imagine if Robertson had elbowed him by accident. There’s not a chance in hell he would have been believed and he’d have had at least a 10-match ban. They are making decisions to suit themselves rather than the facts. Just like the referees and VAR officials do every week.

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