(Video) Liverpool fan shares delightful footage of what Trent did to Richarlison’s shirt

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For those of us who could still bear to watch and didn’t have our head in our hands at that moment, we’d have seen Richarlison whipping off his shirt and flinging it behind him onto the Anfield turf in celebrating his stoppage time equaliser against Liverpool on Sunday.

Having then ‘treated’ viewers to his trademark pigeon dance in adding insult to injury for Reds supporters, the Tottenham player still needed to re-robe and get set for the resumption of a rather eventful match.

He might’ve temporarily forgotten all about the white jersey with his name and number on the back, but Trent Alexander-Arnold knew where it was.

Liverpool fan @Saadd_obaidat on Twitter shared a clip on the social media site showing our number 66 scooping Richarlison’s shirt off the ground and into the arms of the onrushing Lucas Moura, the one Spurs player who seemed any bit aware of the need to return it to its owner.

The manner in which the Reds right-back casually kicked it towards the Tottenham man as if to say ‘here, I certainly don’t want it’ would’ve at least given a chuckle to any home supporters who saw it at the time; and it now seems delightfully funny in hindsight, knowing what Diogo Jota did just 90 seconds later!

You can see the clip of Trent kicking the jersey below, courtesy of @Saadd_obaidat on Twitter:

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