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Liverpool fans who have waited years to be able to attend more games at Anfield may well be buoyed by the new expansion of the stadium that will be in place by the start of next season, with the number of increased tickets seemingly being revealed.

As posted by deanlfc95 on Reddit: ‘Membership Benefits document updated from “allocation of over 10,000 tickets” to “allocation of over 13,000 tickets”.’, which was posted alongside this document:

This then should relate to 3,000 more chances of everyone attending home games next season but in reality, it’s likely not to transpire that this will be the case and purchasing tickets may even become harder.

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It has already been confirmed that only 1,000 tickets of the new stand will be given to those in the season ticket waiting list, meaning that many who have been in the queue for over 20 years are still no closet to getting their hands on their golden ticket.

By allocating 3,000 more membership tickets, this will no doubt entice a new host of fans into purchasing a membership for themselves and likely more than 3,000 people will have the same thought – under the pretense that they will now have a greater chance.

With more fans purchasing memberships, the battle for tickets will be just as difficult and there has clearly been a priority by the club to entice new members in with the ability to say 3,000 more of us can go to the game.

Whilst that is true, it’s likely that new members stand very little chance to get their credits in order to attend ‘big’ games and matches like Luton Town or Bournemouth at home will have huge demand as everyone will be eligible but not everyone will be able to attend.

As touts take up so many tickets and season tickets are becoming less of a priority, there’s always going to be a (in some cases hopeless) battle for tickets between members in the dreaded members sales.

You can view the post via Reddit user deanlfc95:

Membership Benefits document updated from "allocation of over 10,000 tickets" to "allocation of over 13,000 tickets".
by u/deanlfc95 in LiverpoolFC

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  1. Rather a perverse take on the bigger capacity somehow resulting in it becoming harder to get tickets. EOTK perhaps needs to stop whinging, going from 54 to 61k fans means more fans in the stadium, end of. How they get the tickets isn’t really going to be any more straightforward than it is now. At least give them credit from taking a 43k stadium and getting an additional 18k fans in.

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