Football fans will be rocked by Manchester City’s outrageous announcement amid 115 charges

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Any assuming that Manchester City would be keen to downplay a financial achievement amid 115 charges of financial wrongdoing are to be left entirely disappointed.

The Sky Blues have now revealed their status as the ‘most valuable football club brand’ in world football in a tweet on Tuesday morning.

A peruse through the piece released by the Man City Editorial team shows the club claiming to have overtaken Real Madrid in the charts – owing entirely to: “A decade of dominance on the pitch and the highest revenue of any of club in the report were outlined as key drivers for City’s rise in the rankings.”

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Premier League revenues will be a factor for Manchester City but… come on!

Who are we kidding? Brilliant football team aside, brilliant manager aside, we find it very hard to believe that City’s current financial standing has no connection to their potential alleged breaches.

Indeed, among reports of fake sponsorships inflating revenue, it’s very difficult to take the current circumstances the club finds itself in vaguely seriously.

Even taking into account Premier League revenues and the now relatively well-run nature of the side, how on earth can Manchester City claim to be fairly more valuable than the most dominant side in Europe in Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid?

The numbers don’t add up for Manchester City – (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

We’ve no qualm with acknowledging that the league champions are an extremely good football side, though we’d be remiss not to pay tribute to the how of the matter and the platform that was built for Pep Guardiola to succeed in the blue half of Manchester.

We may be left waiting a long time for any meaningful kind of resolution, of course, with the Etihad-based outfit understood to be reluctant to cooperate with ongoing investigations (Sky Sports).

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  1. Leave man city alone jealous kills ,some allegations r time barred but we are waiting for de out come ….

  2. Great footballing side they might be but they are financially doped. It was proven back in 2014 when they were fined £60m and forced to play the following season with a reduced squad as punishment, they then went ahead and a carried on doing it, UEFA then brings a case, but it is never taken to its conclusion as a time limit technicality gets them off the hook. The current 115 charges brought by the FA have no time limit, but the City owners will pay the best available legal minds to put obstacles in the way of justice for as long as it takes. In the meantime football continues to be tainted in the same way the Tour De France was by the actions of Lance Armstrong.

    1. As for comparisons with Lance Armstrong I suggest you put your allegations that City players have been enhancing performances through drugs in writing to the club rather that pathetic unsubstantiated innuendo. You won’t because all of your type are ultimately simply keyboard warriors. What you don’t like is that City have stopped the cartel Europa Super League clubs being guaranteed continued success. It was Real Barca Juve You United and Arsenal behind the power grab. Now that is disgusting.

    2. All clubs are, investigations into past dealings of teams like utd and Liverpool would show it too, utd were bankrupt and helped financially twice and got bigger after and Liverpool were helped by the rich dock merchants and Moore’s pools , Chelsea says it all ,Leicester and Everton did but have failed so far .I suspect dealings of others would be breaches too

    3. Being fined by Uefa proves nothing. Uefa is one of the most corrupt sporting bodies in existence, remember Blatter and Platini?

    4. City only reprinted the assessment! It’s an annual report by an independent body called the football brands report. But who cares anyway? Some people especially rival fans still don’t get it that it’s pep that makes the difference re citys success, not spending the most, which they haven’t really done for the thick end of 5 / 6 years anyway.

    5. What a load of tosh, IF you actually read the report it doesn’t say any of that. In fact, the biggest accusation levied at them was the Mancini mess, to which they said categorically wasn’t true. That’s the same accusation as the FA lolololol. But hey, you make up your own lies because it suits and it hurts and knock yourself out.

    6. Iam appalled by the level of hatred exhibited against Man city because of their ownership. It’s basically racism of the highest order. Were they to be owned by Americans, the haters would have been quite. All successful clubs needed money to succeed. The Real Madrid’s had political support in the past and you can name them. It’s only England that you find this kind of hatred when they are supposed to rally around and support their own. What a shame!

  3. The only doping going on here is the perpetual bitching from the entitled whiners from Anfield. Investment is not doping and given you can’t beat City at football whingeing is all you’ve left.

  4. Bitter nonsense. City refused to cooperate with the witch hunt over rules written by the cartel to prevent another business competing and spending money as they had done in the past. It is all relative. It was agreed City don’t like cooperating and were fined for this but the UEFA charges were thrown out. Same will happen again.

  5. Manchester City haven’t announced anything you complete and utter braindead reprobate. It’s Brand Directory. If you’ve got an issue with it, take it up with them you bunch of weirdos:

  6. They are talking about brand value not revenue or capital value.(Though those values have been increased exponentially)
    The City football group is unique because it has 13 clubs covering a global market with champions in every continent apart from Antarctica .
    Marketing is just selling stuff so if you have a bigger market you will sell more stuff. Hope this explains it.

    1. No point in trying to explain anything on this site unless you use words such as cheat,doping,underhand etc
      Words to describe this website are bitter,jealous,inferior and numptyness.

      1. Why are so many Shitty fans on a Liverpool fan site?

        The reason: trying to justify the unjustifiable.

        Angry that anyone is questioning their achievements since the club, Mansoor City, was formed in 2008.

        The bottom line is when everything is said and done you want the approval of the wider football world or it completely diminishes what you’ve achieved……

        What is even more confusing is you protest your innocence but then use your corrupt wealth to avoid an investigation.

        Something smells off!

  7. Nothing will come from this matter. After the huge losses fo clubs & the governing bodies there were various statements made that FFP rules will be relaxed in order to recoup some of the losses. So basically UEFA is stalling to take action in order for this to blow over. That unfortunately is the ugly political & economical side of the sport.

    Soccer is a bussiness & the primary objective is to make profit. Gone are the days when ETHICS & FAIR PLAY were cornerstones of the sport. Now its all about the money.

  8. Scouse mustards talking to us about justice? You lot got away with murder, you murdered other fans, you should never exist after murdering 39 Juve fans. You lot were fined by Ufa back 2014, gooooooooo on jobsworths, google it via your stolen phones/ laptops. You lot should be shipped back to Ireland after disrespecting our king. No shame, just a bunch of scammy whammies stealing for a living. P.s other football fans despise so don’t pretend you speak on their behalf.

    1. Yeah a fan base that’s given us all a lesson in morality by consistently chanting about Sean Cox, poverty and Hillsborough you bigoted Tory cunt, feel free to fuck right off you massive shit house cunt

  9. I smell some seriously salty tears around here. If you checked your facts, as your lot often don’t, you will note that the story you are claiming made up was actually reported by an independent body. City are officially the best and you simply cannot hack that as you feel you have an entitled right to be the top dog.

  10. City have been given an extra 1 Million pounds from LiVARpool due to them cheating. Liverpool are guilty of hacking into city’s transfer and youth system. Pot, kettle, black anyone… please don’t throw stones at other clubs,when you live in glass houses yourselves.

  11. And City player evaluations were so good Liverpool decided to steal the information. Does that devalue Liverpools recent trophies, no I thought not.

  12. You do know the story didn’t come from the club? Funny, I didn’t know City weren’t allowed to win prize money now. What a warped view of the world Empire has

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