Premier League clubs set to introduce new measures to combat tragedy chanting

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Premier League clubs are set to introduce new measures to combat the depressing prevalence of tragedy chanting at top-flight matches in England.

A working group to deal with the escalating issue was launched six months ago, with full details on the proposed action due to be announced prior to the start of the new season on 12 August.

A statement from the EPL read: “Premier League clubs unanimously agreed at the Annual General Meeting today to a series of new measures to address the unacceptable rise in anti-social behaviour involving football tragedy-related chanting, gesturing, graffiti, online abuse and other behaviours last season.”

It continued: “The issues have continued to cause significant distress to the victims’ families, survivors and affected club supporters, in addition to damaging the reputation of the clubs involved and football in England and Wales.

“The action will focus on criminal prosecution, the regulatory environment, enforcement, online abuse, education and communications.”

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The 2022/23 season was sadly marred by sickening chants intended to insult the victims of past tragedies at football stadia at numerous matches, with Liverpool fans having to endure multiple instances of disgusting references to the Hillsborough disaster.

The issue reared its ugly head again at the FA Cup final recently when one spectator wore a shirt with ’97 Not Enough’ on the back, a clear reference to the tragic events in Sheffield on 15 April 1989. Thankfully, that individual was swiftly arrested for their reprehensible gesture.

Elsewhere, a so-called Tottenham supporter was given a three-year banning order for mocking the Hillsborough disaster on the day of the London club’s visit to Anfield at the end of April, so it does seem as if affirmative action is finally being taken to punish those who indulge in such disturbing behaviour.

Banter of other teams will always be part of football, and that’s very much a two-way street, but offensive chanting and gestures about people who lose their lives at matches – and the family and friends they leave behind – is not banter. It has no place in the sport, or in society full stop.

Today’s announcement from the Premier League is very welcome and hopefully will lead to the administration of punishments which are severe enough to act as a deterrent for any twisted individual who may think that it’s fair game to mock victims of tragedies.

There are steps being taken in the right direction, but only once tragedy chanting is banished forever will it be mission accomplished in the fight against this stain on football.

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  1. Any visiting fan to Anfield in the away section doing this then the following season that club should be given zero tickets for the fixture.
    More tickets for Reds fans.
    If those clubs reciprocated by not giving tickets for the corresponding game at their place – then so be it.
    This shite has to end.

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