James White, United fan who wore ’97 not enough’ jersey, laughed as he was banned and fined in court

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James White made headlines as he proudly showed off his ’97 not enough’ Manchester United shirt for the FA Cup final, before being arrested and seeing his name plastered around social media.

The 33-year-old appeared in Willesden Magistrates’ Court for ‘displaying threatening or abusive writing likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress’, leading to a four-year ban from attending matches.

As reported by The Independent: ‘[James White] smiled and chuckled after the banning order was made, and was also fined £1,000 and ordered to pay a surcharge of £400 and £85 in costs’.

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It’s sickening to picture the man laughing in the face of the verdict being given, after he pleaded guilty in court, and really goes to show what type of person he is.

Pictures of him arriving in London showed how relaxed and non-fussed he was, smiling for the cameras present and seemingly enjoying his time in the limelight – rather than showing any remorse for his actions.

It really is an insight into the darkest side of football, with some thinking that this is fair space for banter – when great hurt and pain is being caused to those affected by the Hillsborough Stadium disaster.

The events in Sheffield in 1989 are too often used by opposition fans and teams as a stick to beat our supporters with, something which is simply not tolerable.

Only by making examples of the mindless, cruel and insensitive individuals, like James White, will we see an end to this behaviour and finally now we have seen some retribution for the obvious and public deplorable actions we all see on a far too regular basis.

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  1. I’m sure his behaviour was taken into account by the magistrates when passing sentence. Total lack of respect for the Hillsborough victims and their families and everyone else would have been taken into account.

  2. Look at the state of him he’s a real muppet by the looks of him and thank god they have showed us his stupid looking mug because now he’s not going to be hard to find his he

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