Breaking: Henderson ‘accepts’ Al Ettifaq proposal, Klopp gives green light for fee to be discussed – Romano

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If you’d have asked any Liverpool fan which midfielder wouldn’t be leaving the club this summer it would be Jordan Henderson but it now appears that he’s very close to saying goodbye for good.

As reported by Fabrizio Romano on Twitter: ‘Jordan Henderson has accepted Al Ettifaq proposal. There’s an agreement in principle, still verbal. Contract agreed.

‘Deal now depends on Liverpool and Al Ettifaq discussing on the fee, no chance to let him leave for free. Hendo spoke to Klopp today and there’s green light’.

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It really is crazy to think that our club captain, the man who took on the mantle from Steven Gerrard and won every trophy on offer to him – is about to take a payday and leave the Reds.

For what our No.14 has achieved at Anfield, he has more than earned the right to end his relationship with the club on his terms but after supporting him for 12 years – we’re allowed our thoughts too.

Those in the LGBTQIA+ community have every right to be upset with the 33-year-old choosing to move to Saudi Arabia and the fact that he looks to be doing so now, means he won’t be given the send off his achievements have deserved.

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The lure of ridiculous money is very hard to refuse and that has been proven here, with an odd sense of irony that our former captain is taking the man who inherited his armband – away from Merseyside.

There are many following changes and knock-on effects that will incur by losing a man as influential as the Sunderland-born midfielder and it seems that we may all be about to see them first hand, in the coming days and weeks.

You can view the Henderson update via @FabrizioRomano on Twitter:

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  1. Didn’t want to say it about Hendon but I’m afraid greed has overtaken the desire to play football for this great club, how much money do they really want. And to go play in some tin pot league in the bloody desert

    1. It is tempting to say it but it is not right..
      this is a player who has already pretty much ended his top professional career, won everything there is and had been a club captain at a top world level for years!
      In the twilight of his career he is offered a chance to go and make a fortune for 2-3 years and set his family up for life. Tell me, who would really turn this down? Would you??
      The issue is more with players in their prime who should prioritize true performance over obscene amounts of money at that stage, and even more with a system that allows this abomination to happen.
      Now that more legit players are being drawn in the flood gates have opened and the trend will accelerate.

      1. He is already rich beyond belief and his family ARE set up for life. If not he has taken seriously terrible financial advice throughout his career and/or wasted his money. £200k per week is over £10m a year!
        I do not believe he has done either.
        if he does move, he was being an empty vessel spokesperson for the communities he spoke up for.
        Ethically and morally it is wrong if he moves. The only reason for moving is greed.

        1. @StEtienneAmen, you are hypocritical if you judge Henderson on his decision to join the Saudi League. Whatever his stance, do not begrudge him to make as much money as he can for him and his family in whatever is left of his short career. Should he fall on hard times, I guarantee that the LGBTQA+++ movement would be the last to help him out. He has taken a leadership stance on and off the field.

          1. You seriously think a multi-millionnaire with his head screwed on as solidly as Hendo’s is, is going to “fall on hard times”? Give your head a wobble. He is not Bobby Moore earning £70 a week and having to sell his medals!
            But yes, I put petrol in my car, so I am a bit of a hypocrite, although I pay 4 times as much now as I used to when I started driving …. Hang on a minute, 4x as much, 4x salary, I can see a pattern here.

    2. Look at fifa as a whole. Expanding the World Cup and CL for prophet. Accepting Saudi money last year for a WC. Looking the other way at PSG and Man City. Let’s not be hypocritical

    3. Saying that about a man who has committed the best part of his playing life to the club is being unfair. At 33, the best he can do for himself is to make money 💰 for his retirement

  2. On the positive side this gives Liverpool football club the opportunity to completely overhaul the midfield by using the fee to be received to bring a top notch player. The midfield has been the achillies heel in the past, a great signing would compliment the guys who have been recently added to the squad.

    1. Would have to be a fee in excess of 40 mil to begin to be worth what his influence on pitch and in dressing room is worth over the next 2 years. I even think at this time of transition his presence is almost priceless.

  3. Although nothing but love for Henderson, he is 33, good time to go IMO and we can strengthen our MF with that money.

  4. He has been a good servant for the club and a great captain , hes won it all . Can’t really blame him for taking the money , its the same in any walk of life , if you get offered 3 times the salary your on just now , everybody would take it .

    1. But you’re comparing it to your salary. He is on £10m plus a year. How much money does he need ffs?

      1. He has secured his potential grand children’s future … do you think he takes home 10 million ln a year your wrong… after tax and national insurance he takes home 5 million that’s 50 per cent tax… where as he is going to take home every penny of his contract from a tax free country… no point being bitter

      2. Remember he is only 33 and has to take care of his family and himself for at least another 37 years. Do not be a prat!

  5. Disgusted by the comments by minority groups, Hendo owes them NOTHING, He has given them support for years, It is to their Shame that they cannot support him in return during this move!

  6. Those in the LGBT community do not have any right to be upset at Henderson. He has the right to do anything with his life and not obligated to anybody but his family. Thank Hendo. You’ve been a great player and captain for Liverpool.

  7. He owes the club or the supporters nothing… he is right this is generational wealth he will,achieve…

  8. He owes nobody nothing! Where were the LGBTQ+ community when we were almost swapping him for Dempsey all those years ago? He turned things around for himself by sheer will and determination and not by any community’s help. He has given everything he has to give to this club and has won all there is to win. He has earned the right to end his career in whatever “tin cup” league he wants, especially for that money.

    My only request is that we get premium £s for him, as much as possible, so we can reinvest in a younger midfielder.

  9. Good deal for all parties IF the Arabs pay at least £20m as a transfer fee to part fund a credible younger replacement.
    If they reckon they can not afford a realistic fee then they can piss off. Particularly when they allegedly are happy to triple his current wages.

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