Fabrizio Romano’s ‘100%’ update on Liverpool’s pursuit of Moises Caicedo

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After seeming like a deal that was dead in the water, you now can’t move for Moises Caicedo updates and the chances of Liverpool securing a deal seems to be increasing by the hour.

As reported by Fabrizio Romano: ‘Moisés Caicedo, in London waiting for key developments on his future. 🇪🇨

‘Brighton, waiting for Liverpool to send their official bid — if not tonight, it has to be Friday. #LFC will 100% bid.

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‘Then, it will be also up to Chelsea. Highest bidder will get Brighton’s green light’.

It’s clear that we’re far from in the driving seat and ready to be printing the 21-year-old’s name on the back of a red shirt but with such a public push for this move to happen, we seem to be prepared to go toe-to-toe with Chelsea.

It had seemed for large parts of this summer that the midfielder was ready to switch the AMEX Stadium for Stamford Bridge but with this move being delayed so much – we could now be in with a chance.

If the Reds are indeed ready to break our transfer record and the Seagulls simply waiting for their price to be met, then our initiative could lead to securing a deal for one of the best options available in the market.

With success in completing the Alexis Mac Allister deal and the healthy Anfield bond in place with the likes of Adam Lallana and James Milner now at their club, we do seem to have a good relationship with Brighton and let’s hope that this continues.

You can view the Caicedo update via @FabrizioRomano on X:

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  1. Bollocks. Utter bollocks. FSG pretence to act big as per normal to placate the sucker fans. Klopp has net spend below Fulham and Everton.

    FSG apologists need to wake up to the fact we are run on a mid team budget , Klopps genius has made their billions and hidden their lack of team investment.

    VVD? Alison? Paid for by selling Phil.

    A blind man knew the midfield needed major work last season. Arthur. What a joke and waste of £10m in loan fee and wages. Touchemini. Utter bollocks we were serious. Was clear he only wanted Madrid. Just like Moses wants Chelsea. If our so called £80m fir Touchemini was accepted by the player we’d have run a mile or found some medical excuse. But FSG say look, we bid £80m.

    That £80m was then going towards Bellingham. They leaked for years. Only we had to pull our belt in as the near quadruple winners didn’t qualify for the CL due to chronic lack of investment, Again.

    2 seasons before, a blind man could have seen central defence was a crisis. Ben Davies and Ozak. The cheapskates need removing asap.

    ETH at United has higher net soend in 1 year than Klopps whole Tenure.

    Imagine if Klopp had Peps resources, He’s gone toe to toe and lost 2 titles by 1 pt with some of the highest points totals ever working on a shoestring of under £30m net per year.

    Pep took over a double title winning team. Unlimited resources to add new stars every season (£1bn)

    Klopp took over a team beaten 6-1 by Stoke FFS.

    Could Klopp have done what Pep has. No. He’d have surpassed it easily. Damn near won quadruple on a shoestring.

    Could Pep or anyone else achieve what Klopp did on one of the lowest budgets in the league. I’ll let you answer that.

    1. What a complete and utter wanker are you? No idea how a club is run or how to organise a squad – please go and support some other team

      1. Awww. An FSG apologist. They are 3.5bn – 4bn up on the purchase. Some of that on the squad would be nice. Our Net spend is pathetic.

        Klopps genius has hidden the cheapskates failings.

        Maybe you should have waited a few days. Ask nicely and FSG may refund your new Caicedo shirt. Suppose it depends if they do multiple refunds after you took back your Bellingham shirt.

        I repeat. ETH has a higher net spend in 1 year than Klopps whole time with us.

        1. You are embarrassing the name of our club you make me sick if you want FSG out and a state owned club then go down the east lancs rd and support Man City cos we don’t want knobheads like you commenting on our great football club YNWA97

      2. Being a man, I am a wanker. I assume you partake occasionally.

        You first sentence would have made more sense if it ended “you are.” or instead started with “Are you”.

        I get debating opinions is not your strong point. Neither is English.

        I agree that I’ve no idea how a club is run. As your name is not Peter Moore or Billy Hogan I’m assuming neither do you.

        I do however think that if you give a manager one of the lowest net spends, you wonder what his genius may have achieved if backed more.

        Klopp is like Lewis Hamilton in a Ford Mondeo trying to compete with Verstappen in a Ferrari.

  2. Not sharing you opinion Garry is not embarrassing our club.

    A great many share my opinion in regards FSG. You may have seen a plane with banners over Anfield.

    Calling someone a knobhead because they have a different opinion than yourself shows a complete lack of intelligence. It is possible to make a different point without insults believe it or not.

    And it’s because, not cos. Cos is a lettuce.

    A please just speak for yourself Gary. You saying “We” does not mean you speak for all fans, only yourself.


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