(Video) ‘We’re gonna lose to Liverpool’ – Chelsea fan meltdown in live reaction to Caicedo transfer news is glorious

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That sound you heard? It’s the sound of thousands of Chelsea fans burning their Moises Caicedo shirts and rushing to Twitter to insist that they never wanted the Blues to sign the Ecuadorian in the first place.

But who are they fooling? There’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind – for those who have been keeping track of the Brighton & Hove Albion star’s exploits on the South Coast – that the midfielder is a phenomenal talent.

You can tell how much it matters too after listening to a brief snippet of an X live including a gaggle of highly disappointed fans reacting live to news of Liverpool’s record bid.

You can catch the clip below, courtesy of @LilasLFC:

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  1. About. £200 mil plus for three first team players. Big investment but their ages make them a shrewd move for the future. These prices will seem the norm in the next couple of years, even for moderately good players. So exited now for the Season. YNWA.

  2. I am a Chelsea fan. It will be a foolish thing at this time for Chelsea to loss caicedo. He is the player we need at the defensive midfield. He is a direct replacement for Ngolo kante. Not getting him is like missing a golden opportunity to succeed. This kind of player comes once in ten years. Its Chelsea board fault all this while. When it was 80m, they should have paid and get him.why drag feet.Liverpool know what they need and are ready to pay even more.If Chelsea knows what is good for the club,they better do everything possible to bring that guy to Chelsea fc. Otherwise we the fans will never forgive them for spoiling things for us. If the board wants us to be champion and also earn more money, they should go get caicedo. We can’t be an ordinary team. We need to be team that can compete at the highest level. GO GET MOISES CAICEDO NOW FOR US.

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