Ecuadorian press offer Caicedo update; Liverpool move still on but player ‘is confused’ – report

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Moises Caicedo has been swinging like a pendulum between Chelsea and Liverpool, with his local press now providing their understanding on the latest information around this crazy scenario.

As reported by Ecuadorian news outlet TERADEPORTES (translated): ‘Moisés Caicedo’s group, at the player’s request, has spoken with Chelsea to give them the opportunity to resubmit a new proposal that meets the expectations of the owner of his Brighton ticket.

‘If they do not find a response from the blues, they will continue with the process with the reds.

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‘Caicedo is confused and feels that having negotiated for so long with Chelsea they deserve to wait, this has also been advised to the player’.

To say that the player is confused by this is probably the best way of summing up how everyone feels in this situation, as we all wait for the next major update to come our way.

The 21-year-old is seemingly keen for a move to Stamford Bridge but whether this is due to his personal preference, advice from his agent or a push from his boyhood club who want more money – it’s hard to know.

It’s also tough to know how Jurgen Klopp and our supporters will feel about the midfielder’s decision to wait for an offer from Mauricio Pochettino’s side, before finalising his decision on an Anfield move yet it’s likely not to win him too many supporters.

This whole saga has taught us all to expect the unexpected and there really could be many conclusions to this dramatic affair.

You can view the Caicedo update via @Teradeportes on X:

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    1. never fully trust anything printed by media sources as lots is guess work for headlines to be clicked on

  1. This is totally money motivated by a player who I personally would say he’s not worth 110 million pound but there you go the crazy world of football

  2. Liverpool should not force a player who is not willing to play under Jk and thus should look for an alternative in Romeo Lavia and another suitable replacement

  3. I will say ,forget about Cociedo,let him go to Chelsea and rather negotiate to buy Cheik Decoure a very good defensive midfielder and pay 80million pounds for him and still have enough change to buy a good centre back that we desperately need.At the moment we are leaking goals like a sieve and that wont get us anywhere this season.

  4. Well this summer signing is been a right ding dong how embarrassing to see this such a big club we are that we have to let all the clubs in the UK to see who we are after then don’t end up getting them . We talk about the deals of Hendo and Co but Brighton can us how to invest just think 4.3million end selling for 110 million . Now that’s what I call investment.

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