Chelsea risk points deduction this season if they match Liverpool’s Caicedo bid – report

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Chelsea may well have won the heart of Moises Caicedo but it seems that they are far from winning the bidding war with Liverpool for his services, leaving them in a very tricky financial position.

Football finance reporter Mo Chatra took to social media to report: ‘any punishment relating to losses relative to the PSR Calculation in excess of £105m would be implemented THIS season’.

This came off the back of a long update on the London club’s financial standings, in which it was reported that: ‘they are many £10s of millions short of break even under PL P&S in 23/24 even if they managed to just about comply in 22/23 (which I’m skeptical about too)’.

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It all boils down to the understanding that Todd Boehly can only spend a maximum of £105 million in this window and after reportedly pulling out of a move for Tyler Adams and agreeing a move for Romeo Lavia – it seems there are still irons in other fires for alternative signings this summer.

Therefore, the idea that the Londoners can afford the Ecuadorian that has caused so many headlines on top of other possible deals – is surely impossible.

That is of course unless the eccentric American owner is ready and willing to accept a points deduction in order to beat Jurgen Klopp to the signature of the 21-year-old.

In truth, it seems everyone is confused at the current standing but the longer that the Reds leave their offer on the table – the more embarrassing it will get for Mauricio Pochettino’s side as they seemingly can’t afford to match us.

If the Seagulls don’t want any of the players that are being offered to try and sweeten the deal then it all comes down to Chelsea taking a points deduction or walking away from signing a record-breaking midfielder.

Both options have obvious consequences and for now, we must play the waiting game.

You can view the financial updates on Chelsea via @MoChatra and @slbsn on X:

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  1. There is no doubt that Chelsea have spent a lot if money however spread over a number of years, not forgetting there has been money received regarding sales.

    There is more sales to take into consideration not forgetting the wages off the books. I would imagine that the main people are well aware of FFP situation as Chelsea are in the limelight.

    So all the comments of points deduction, relegation, is just hot air by a number of small minded Liverpool supporters who ate brainless

    1. Can’t offset it over many years now, 5 years is the maximum so you’re the brainless idiot. Your team is on a par with city for cheating FFP rules the only difference is they are good at it and win your just a mid table team with a chairman who doesn’t have a clue about SOCCER.

  2. Interesting. Except that Chelsea are about to the sell the likes of Gallagher, Hudson – Odoi, Chalobah, Lukaku and Ziyech. That could net them the best part of 130m. If they need to move others, then the likes of Broja might be sacrificed.

  3. Alright norm calm down soft lad, apparently your power brokers do know hence the delay in making the bid.

    Come on Kev, your not negotiating from a position of power, if we know the above then so does every other club, your about to get beat down on price for your B team!

    And if you don’t get top 4 this season you’ll breach next year with a squad who have been sold a dream and when it doesn’t land as planned you’ve got players on 8 year contracts who want to be competing with the elites and again the world will know this when you try to raise revenue.

    It looks like Leeds United all over again boys, enjoy

    1. But apparently he hasn’t. He wants to honour an earlier agreement with Chelsea but none the less wants football at a top club. So if Chelsea can’t stump up or find ways around getting him then you’d think he’d be more than happy to take up a position at anfield.

    2. No he hasn’t. His money grabbing agent is colluding with Chelsea to get a bigger payout himself. Moises has shown no preference personally.

  4. He was and always has been (according to some) a big fan of Kante who he modelled his game on (and exceeded) plus CFC probably offered more wages.

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