Chelsea are ‘struggling’ as Liverpool refuse to revoke Caicedo offer – Jones

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When news broke that Moises Caicedo wanted a Chelsea move over heading to Anfield, most expected we would revoke our offer but as it still sits on the table – it seems the London club are in a tough position.

Writing on his Substack, Neil Jones reported: ‘There is a feeling that the Blues are struggling to put together a package that works, and as it stands Liverpool are the only club to have agreed a fee for the player’.

With a bid of £111 million being accepted by Brighton, the ball is now firmly in the Stamford Bridge court and they need to match or better our offer – in order to capture the Ecuadorian’s services.

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However, whether it be FFP related or otherwise, this huge delay since we’ve had a concrete update does seem to suggest that Todd Boehly cannot match what we have to offer.

There seems to be a record-breaking game of poker being played over Moises Caicedo and the longer time drags on, the greater the chance we have of succeeding.

If Mauricio Pochettino’s club had the money, they would have paid it by now and because the Seagulls seemingly aren’t interested in any of their players – they surely must be on the brink of failure.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens next but this whole saga has taught us all to expect the unexpected.

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  1. Or Chelsea view the fact that the players says he doesn’t / will not go to Liverpool means that as Brighton have in effect washed their hands of the player then Chelsea don’t need to up their offer

  2. By law of contract an offer was made by brighton and LFC accepted the offer. A contract has been concluded. Brighton has to now oblige the contract if not they will be in breach of contract .

    1. Wtf you don’t know what your talking g about ye we’ve tBled a bid correct but the player don’t want us and he doesn’t have to come to us no matter if us an Brighton ha e agreed a deal at the end of the day it’s up to the player so no breech at all din

      1. I understand the player likes Chelsea and made promises to them but he is a professional player. He will do he best for Liverpool if Chelsea fail to come though.

      2. Caicedo to L.F.C is a Non starter like, the lad don’t want the transfer and more to the point let’s have it right it’s Chelsea ! What do any of us really think that Boehly can’t afford to match Our bid ? Come on use yer heads, he’s at Chelsea in the next 24-48 hrs Odds on.

      1. Nope. Verbal agreement! As good as a signed agreement as long as no one was being threatened or agreed under duress.

    2. Absolutely…in reverse though. LFC made an offer and Brighton agreed. If LFC Pulls out, Brighton can sue us for the difference of £35MM. If Brighton pulls out and sells to Chelsea, we can sue them fir breach of contract! The only way out is yhat we mutually agree to annulling the contract….and Chelsea send that defender to us for free as a thank you!

  3. Brighton are treating a player like meat,they will take in a fortune anyway,nice family club? Just money mad like all the rest.

    1. the opposite. The Agent has tried to rob Brighton by promising to refuse other clubs, getting Chelsea a cheaper deal and pocketing a huge reward. He gave his word to Chelsea. The player doesn’t mind he’s happy to join either. Liverpool’s bid has flushed out the behaviour of the Agent in collusion with Chelsea

  4. Why didn’t Cash… iado just say he wanted the Chelsea move before it became sealed bids (auction)…. Now Chelsea and Liverpool have egg on they’re faces and Cadh…aido looks like a greedy privileged twat!!

  5. Both clubs are Yankee owned. See how they treat players…like commodities. You can’t be after a player for month and struggle to sign him at the last hour. Chelsea version Bohely is no different from FSG. When it is time to put the money on the table they got poker face, no joy at all. Caicedo has been silly to believe in Chelsea. He should have left his options open. Now, we hear his heart is with the Blues. That’s not professional at all if he finally becomes a Red.

    1. Liverpool have not acted poorly at all. They bid for a player who encouraged them to make an offer. The offer was accepted. The only club treating players badly are Chelsea. Look how they treated Adams after they realised they didn’t have the money to out bid Liverpool for Caicedo. Also Caicedo’s agents have given him poor advice. Very unprofessional.

  6. There’s no harm that the young boy said no because we all know how hawkish the agents are and the poor boy could not handle the pressure. At the end, we have seen countless footballers not having a dream club move. Remember, he agreed to move to arsenal not too long ago and Chelsea are not his dream club. Just think the seniors are not giving good advice to the boy.

    1. Agreed i think its a case of chelsea offer more wage and he be living in london.. u no the london life for a young man like him lets be real more to do than brighton or liverpool

  7. LFC has gone about its business quietly, sounding out the player and negotiating and making the highest bid before the deadline. CFC had numerous attempts and failed with their bids. Now they are getting into the ear of the young lad, to try and delay/stop the deal. 24Hrs and Boehly is raiding the canteen ladies tip box to scrape the money. Classless CFC

  8. If he was truly wanting to play for us LFC then there wouldn’t be any stuttering, we shouldn’t have a player forced to move to us , as they will not play to their potential eg Neymar situation atm.
    Lavia all the way , half the price !

  9. Brighton are in the right their player wants to leave lfc made an offer which was accepted now chelsea can’t pay the deal what lfc offered any player that wants to leave their club should not play for them again chelsea offering players 8 year deals so they don’t breach ffp which is why fifa and fpl want confirmation off chelsea that they haven’t breached ffp how can you spend close to 1 billion on players in 12 months and get away with it bout time fifa and fpl started doing their job too many teams getting away with it city psg barca everton the games corrupt and needs sorting out lfc get bad publicity but the club is run the way a club should be run

  10. Who wants a player that doesn’t want to play for you anyway ??? Liverpool need players that want to play for us , passion for the club and for success, the financial rewards will follow if you earn them as a player first ,
    I do think though that he will end up a red YNWA

  11. A contract can also be verbal. An offer and acceptance of an offer cannot just be breached without consequences. When Brighton acceptance locks offer they had every intention to honuor it and thus contractually obliged to deliver the player.

  12. Caicado wants to live in london and chelsea is in london . Pluss chelsea are offering more wages thats it if chelsea dont com up with the money he go lfc i feel lfc no that and can live with that fact.. thats why the offer is still there.. if chelsea could do the deal thy would of done it friday.. ffp thy cant.. thats only reason why there is no bid from chelsea. Thy try this player pluss cash ” brighton turn that down flat.. cash only. When brighton declare a ded line wat chelsea do after thy had 80 mill bid turn down ? Month before ” as thy never wanted to even pay 100mill went in 100mill straight away thinking lfc got no money thy dont evn want to pay 50 for lavia .. so if chelsea could go higher thy would even to match lfc offer.. pluss how u spending 55mill on lavia then 120mill on somone els with ffp rule its not happning considering all the other players chelsea have bought… all things lfc find me on twitter/× .. at redscouttv also face book

  13. One thing this saga has exposed is that Caicedo will always be looking for the bigger better deal regardless of what club he joins. He has an army of agencies, plus a huge family + former clubs back in Ecuador that all need their palms greased. That type of player will always have an eye on their next move and a bigger payday it will only be a matter of time before he gets itchy feet and wants a move to the Saudi league. There was a reason that Arsenal and Man Utd looked at him in January and decided…Nah. Both Chelsea and Liverpool would be wise to walk away.

  14. This is becoming embarrassingly pathetic from Liverpool fans . So you will support your club to sign a who openly rejected them? Honestly it’s that adversity brings out the true nature of human beings, unbelievable!

    1. He didn’t reject. He basically wanted to give Chelsea time to match or exceed the Reds offer. Do your investigation.

  15. Caicedo to L.F.C is a Non starter like, the lad don’t want the transfer and more to the point let’s have it right it’s Chelsea ! What do any of us really think that Boehly can’t afford to match Our bid ? Come on use yer heads, he’s at Chelsea in the next 24-48 hrs Odds on.

  16. if it is ffp related then chelsea are themselves to blame for it. they couldn’t resist buying any available midfielder while they had plenty to choose from. it is time we stop complaining about experience needed. there is more then enough talent and experienceto play around the inexperience ones instead of sending them on loan. i predict we will, in future, have more cases like we experienced with colwell

  17. There are 2 parts to this contract and both have to be fulfilled for the contract to be effective. 1st part buying club and selling club have to agree a fee. 2nd part buying club and player agree on personal terms. It seems both Chelsea and Liverpool have got one part completed. It is still game on to complete the second part. Caicedo can at the end be a Liverpool player even if he has given his word to Chelsea and he will not be unprofessional. Owen grew up as an Everton fan and yet became a Liverpool legend, so why not Caicedo! YWNWA

  18. Caicedo don’t see a future with LFC. He most likely sees the club as a sinking ship. First Chelsea denied LFC the 3 points. Then they denied them Caicedo. Lavia most probably is next.

    Chelsea just keeps on taking away LFC’s meat frm right infront of their mouths.

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